Rapid tears honestly %28fantasy cover%29 front


Rapid Tears - Honestly (fantasy cover artwork version)

Format: LP
Label: Chameleon Records CR 575
Year: 1982
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: metal
Value of Original Title: $90.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Ontario, Metal on Metal, 1980's, Metal


Side 1

Track Name
Actress of Passion
Operation Airlift

Side 2

Track Name
Down on You
Here to Heaven
Keep Runnin'



Rapid Tears - Honestly (fantasy cover artwork version)


Rapid Tears / Honestly (fantasy cover artwork version)


Rapid Tears / Honestly (fantasy cover artwork version)

Rapid tears honestly %28fantasy cover%29 front

Honestly (fantasy cover artwork version)


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Rapid Tears were 'Canada's Heavy Assault', a five man heavy metal band who formed in 1977 in Toronto, Ontario. They released their first album, 'Honestly' with two different covers, on Chameleon Records CR-575. That album created an overwhelming wave on the European front. Rapid Tears followed up two years later, in 1984 with the four track EP 'Cry for Mercy' on Chameleon Records CR 737. The band disbanded shortly thereafter.

Chameleon Records was a small independent label that was operated by Carlene Osborne, at 28b Howden Rd, in Toronto, Ontario. They were a self-contained organization dedicated to exposing and promoting Canadian talent. Besides the 2 Rapid Tears releases, they also released Honey Novick and Chris Henderson on WRC1-930; Honey Novick and Friends-Fortune Baby on CR-777; Music for Subways: Toronto's subway musicians in the studio on OM-233; The Circuit-ST LP on CR-555; Neon 7" on CR0757; Instructions 7" on CR-355; Cold War 7" on CR-532; and No Pedestrians comp LP on CR-535; Pale Blue 7" on CR 001.

Brian Frank: vocals
Mike Miller (Castle of Pain): guitars, vocals
Clayton Bonin: guitars, vocals; synthesizers on 'Variations'
Jon Wein: bass
Rick Nemes (Infernal Majesty, Lethal Presence, Castle of Pain): drums

Produced by Tom Atom and Rapid Tears
Executive producer: Ken Doidge
Engineered by Tom Atom
All songs recorded and mixed at Cottingham Sound, Toronto, Ontario, except 'Operation Airlift' and 'Tomorrow', which were recorded at Sounds Interchange in 1980
All tracks mixed at Sound Kitchen in 1982
Cover concept by Raw Ear Productions
Cover design and illustration by Verne
Back design by Cindy Putman
Photography: Benjamin
Both albums were re-issued on on CD in 2006 privately on Rapidt 001


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