1977 pear of pied pumkin


Pied Pumkin - Pear Of Pied Pumkin

Format: LP
Label: Squash Y#U2
Year: 1977
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: folk
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Side 1

Track Name
The Olympic Dream Game
Mt. McKinley
Salt My Song
St Christopher
Dancing When He Did

Side 2

Track Name
Doin' The One Time
Abraham, Martin an' Fabalotus
Tapioca Pudding


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Pied Pumkin / Pear Of Pied Pumkin

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Pied Pumkin / Pear Of Pied Pumkin

1977 pear of pied pumkin

Pear Of Pied Pumkin


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Another adventurous production by Rick Scott & Joe Mock. Many of these songs are available on CD on Plucking deVine.

Legendary B.C. Hippie Folk Trio with Minor Psych Edge. The Pied Pumkin combine dulcimer, guitar, violin, mandolin and fearless vocals in a smorgasbord of folk, rock, jazz, blues and country. Made up of veteran folkies Shari Ulrich, Rick Scott and Joe Mock (formerly of Psychedelic unit MOCK DUCK). Together for only two year's in the mid 70's, Pied Pumkin were pioneers of independent recording on the west coast, releasing several LPs and selling directly from the stage. Absolutely original, slightly organic and eternally orange, Vancouver's legendary folk trio Pied Pumkin String Ensemble have been creating original, infectious music for over 25 years.

In the mid 70's Pied Pumkin's mixture of timeless music, fearless arrangements and irreverent humour defied categorization and made the group a West Coast favourite. Their combination of dulcimer, violin, guitar and flawless harmonies created a sound completely original and enduring. They self-produced two albums which sold over 30,000 copies for their own Squash Records--one of Canada's first independent labels.

After Shari's departure to The Hometown Band in 1976, Rick and Joe continued performing and recording for eight more years as Pied Pear, then each Pumkin went on to their own successful solo career.

The 1998 Pied Pumkin retrospective CD, Plucking DeVine, made CBC's Jurgen Gothe's Top Ten Album list and was nominated as Best Folk/Roots Album in the Pacific Music Industry Awards.

In March 2000 the Pumkin released Pied Alive, a live CD of 13 songs recorded in 9 different communities during on their hugely successful 33 concert tour of Western Canada in 1999.

PIED PUMKIN is happy to announce that due to the overwhelming welcome they have received across Canada they are no longer "reunioning" but have officially "returned" and will continue to play and record together on an on going basis.

Logistically this may prove a bit challenging as all three are enjoying extensive solo success and guitarist Joe Mock has been performing in Europe. Shari Ulrich has released a new solo CD entitled THE VIEW FROM HERE. Joe Mock released the "Jozu" CD from his adventures in Tokyo. And Rick Scott's new children's album MAKING FACES won Best Children's Release in the 2001 West Coast Music Awards.


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