45 charlie panigoniak the hunter cbc lm 291


Panigoniak, Charlie - Eskimo Singer / Composer

Format: 45
Label: CBC Radio Canada LM 291
Year: 1975
Origin: Chesterfield Inlet, Hudson Bay, Nunavut
Genre: Inuit
Keyword:  Inuit
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Singles
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Playlist: 1970's, Inuit northern songs, Nunavut, CBC Northern Service and Related Recordings, Indigenous Canada, CBC Radio Canada LM Series


Side 1

Track Name
The Hunter
When I Was a Little Baby
Where is Panigoniak

Side 2

Track Name
From Sanitorium


45 charlie panigoniak pahlamee cbc lm 291b

Panigoniak, Charlie - The Hunter/ When I Was a Little Baby/ Where is Panigoniak b/w Pahlamee/ From Sanitorium

45 charlie panigoniak the hunter cbc lm 291

Eskimo Singer / Composer


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"The Hunter (The fisherman)"
An original song by Charlie Panigoniak, if he had sung this tune in acapella it may well have been a traditional song.

" When I was a baby"
An inuktitut lullaby for children. Innimi, innimi, innimurulutui.

"Where is Panigoniak"
Charlie once visited our class with his guitar when we were in primary school at the Eskimo Point Federal Day school and showed us how he held his guitar pick and played this tune, innimi and Pepsi Cola, Cracker Jack.

A song about Charlie and his family at Maguse Lake near Arviat. Inuit life in the fifties. The Great Depression. A new nickel mine was opened in 1957 that gave employment to many inuit in the area.

"From Sanitarium"
Charlie must have been very eager to leave the sanitarium, a hospital in the south were many inuit were sent out for medical care.

William Angalik
Arviat, Nunavut, Canada


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