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Panigoniak, Charlie - Inuktitut Songs

Format: LP
Label: CBC Northern Service QCS 1474
Year: 1973
Origin: Chesterfield Inlet, Hudson Bay, Nunavut
Genre: First Nations, folk
Value of Original Title: $25.00
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Side 1

Track Name
Attatama Nunaviniginga (My Father's Country)
Tituivima Aluani (Bottom of My Cup)
Anaanaaga Attataga (My Mom And Dad)
Nutaraulausimajugut (I Remember My Childhood)

Side 2

Track Name
Sinnatumatug (Dream Song)
Jesus Tavatuliimat (Almighty God)
Qituriat (Mosquitoes)
Kunirmit Situgapta (Down the River)
Pikanakuluga (I Miss My Girlfriend)


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Panigoniak, Charlie - Inuktitut Songs

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Panigoniak, Charlie - Inuktitut Songs

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Panigoniak, Charlie - Inuktitut Songs

R 7874823 1537288623 5696

Inuktitut Songs


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Charlie Panigoniak: guitar, vocals
Paul Gurry: guitar
Dougie Trineer: guitar, bass, banjo, background vocals
Serge Bougie: drums
Rick Haworth: harmonica
Roxanne Charrette: background vocals

All tracks composed by Charlie Panigoniak except "Kunirmit Situgapta", which was composed by Simon Siyargrarik
Produced by Les McLaughlin
Engineered by Jonah Kelly and Ray Lemieux
Recorded at CBC Frobisher Bay & Marc Studios, Ottawa

Cover painting by Bill Barnie


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