Nash the Slash - Children of the Night

Format: CD
Label: Cut Throat Records
Year: 2000
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: electronic
Value of Original Title: 
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Release Type: Albums
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Track Name
Dead Man's Curve
Children of the Night
Deep forest
Glass Eye
19th Nervous Breakdown
Dopes on the Water
Danger Zone
Wolf (Live) Danger Zone (Live)
Reactor No. 2
Swing-shift (Original 45 RPM Version)
Swing-shift (Flexi-version)
Children of the Night (Live)



Children of the Night


No Video


re-issue with bonus tracks. Here it is, in marvelous sound quality, and with bonus tracks. And those include, for example, two previously released versions of Swing-Shift. Nash does not use guitars. With his electric mandolin and keyboards he can produce the weirdest of sounds. Listen to Deep Forest or Metropolis, for example.

His songs sound very heavy sometimes, like the title track, or Danger Zone, or Reactor No. 2. The latter is my favourite on the album. Less heavy are Wolf, the opening track, or Glass Eye. And still there is power and aggression in his voice. His voice - a very remarkable voice he has. He can sound sweet, mysterious, and also aggressive.

19th Nervous Breakdown is a title that sounds familiar. And yes it is a cover of the Rolling Stones tune. But nowhere near the original of course. Hey, this is Nash The Slash! The song is played faster than the original, more powerful. The choruses contain his characteristic, heavily distorted, electric mandolin. A song without drums sounding so heavy, so full. Great adaptation. Another cover tune is Dopes On The Water, a pun towards Deep Purple. Great solo (no guitar, of course)!

It's amazing that one man on his own can write and play and produce this kind of music for so many years, and keep it interesting of course. Weird, melodic, scary, rocking. For so long, and still original. Can't wait for the other albums to be re-issued on CD!


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