Nash the Slash - Blind Windows

Format: CD
Label: Cut Throat Records
Year: 1997
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: punk
Value of Original Title: 
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Release Type: Albums
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Track Name
Fever Dream
Blind Windows
The Million-Year Picnic
The Chase
Un Chien Andalou
Blind Windows - Countervail
Lost Lenore
'Til Death Do Us Part



Blind Windows


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Originally released in the late 70's...before the mainstream advent of CDs... as two separate albums titled Bedside Companion and Dreams and Nightmares, Blind Windows is a collection of the weird and wonderful world of what has been dubbed 'punk classical'.

Known for his trademark mummified bandaged face and his dark and mysterious electro-violin playing, Nash the Slash was a campus favourite for many years and has deemed 1997 as the year to re-introduce his unique brand of music to a whole new generation.

The complete omittance of vocals only amplifies the talent that lies within this enigmatic performer. Blind Windows contains the complete contents of the original two albums, as well as Bedside Companion -- The Marsden Versions -- which came about when CFNY's David Marsden accidentally aired Bedside Companion at 331/3 instead of 45 RPM.

The resulting effect was one that listeners enjoyed as much as the original and was therefore included on this magnificently bizarre collection that should not be missed. Both the original and the Marsden version of Fever Dream are outstanding on this collage of the strange and melodic.

LT, RPM Magazine
March 24, 1997

Re-mastered again by Trevor Norris in 2011 and re-packaged with an original Paul Till cover photo, this gem of a recording has been polished once again to return its original lustre. Shine on indeed.


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