Nash the Slash - And You Thought You Were Normal

Format: CD
Label: Cut Throat Records
Year: 2002
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: electronic
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Release Type: Albums
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Track Name
Pretty Folks
The Hypnotist
In Search of Prey
Dance After Curfew
Animal Jamboree
Remember When
Vincent's Crows
Lake Ontario Suite (Pt.1)
Lake Ontario Suite (Pt.2)
Dance After Curfew (club mix)
Crab Waltz



And You Thought You Were Normal


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re-issue with bonus tracks. This is not just a straight reissue of Nash the Slash's brilliant 1982 release, And You Thought You Were Normal. Instead, Slash rearranged the track order, remastered the old tracks, and added several previously unreleased tunes, which were recorded at the same time and used for various film soundtracks. The result is a stunning CD. Instead of the original concept of the album with vocals on one side and instrumentals on the other, Slash mixes the two together to get a much better flow and a sublime listening experience. Fans of the original album will already know of the beautiful and haunting melodies found here, along with sparse yet effective lyrics (Vincent's Crows and the Daniel Lanois-produced Dance After Curfew are prime examples). The newer material is as strong as the older songs, with the melancholy Lake Ontario Suite (Pts. 1 and 2) as a standout track. The music overall holds up well since it was first recorded in 1982, and the minimalistic production is ideal for the material. Slash is a talented musician, and his violin playing in combination with his electronic gadgets is perfect. This album is essential listening for fans of original and experimental rock. Just make sure the lights are on and you are not alone when listening. One other note: The front sleeve is one of the finest ever designed, which creates the atmosphere before a single note is played.


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