Nash the Slash - American Bandages (re-issue)

Format: CD
Label: Cut Throat Records CUT8CD
Year: 2003
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: electronic
Value of Original Title: $50.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No


Track Name
Bandstand Boogie - American Band
Born to be Wild
Who Do You Love
Hey Joe
Psychotic Reaction
1984 (Club Mix)
Dead Man's Curve
King Bee
Who Do You Dub (Club Mix)



American Bandages (re-issue)


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re-issue with bonus tracks. Now playing: American Band-ages by Nash the Slash (that one-man band from Canada)...

His voice is more powerful than ever. (He was nominated for a Juno Award for his vocals.) And - wo! A sudden harmonica assault! He must be super live...

What a twisted guy this Nash is... All wrapped up in bandages and doing a whole album of very slick, dark-side cover-songs... Born to be Wild, Hey Joe, Psychotic Reaction (I love the Letters to Jodie bit in that), 1984 (The old Spirit song), The American Bandstand Theme... This guy has a weird sense of rock-humor and a heck of a dynamic way of expressing it. He sure can belt out some wailin' and stompin' rock'n'roll on his electric violin and his death's-head mandolin. This certainly gives the (guitar-part) solos a chilling timbre...

For all it's rock'n'roll flash, the music is still alive with chittering oddities and sneaky synthi-shorts. The up-front drum programs put a commanding final touch to it all. Expertly crafted gut-gripping stuff... Quite an impressively hot LP...


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