Alan moberg dogwood country front


Moberg, Alan - Dogwood Country

Format: LP
Label: Sweetwater SW 1003
Year: 1974
Origin: Pender Harbour, British Columbia - Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
Genre: folk, country, Folklore British Columbia
Keyword:  gastown, Williams Lake Stampede, Okanagan, Kettle Valley Line
Value of Original Title: $15.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Playlist - CDS, Trains, British Columbia, 1970's, Canadian Folk, Canadian Folklore


Side 1

Track Name
Dogwood Country
OK Okanagan
Cariboo Sunrise
Williams Lake Stampede
Kettle Valley Line
Balad of Doc' Darby

Side 2

Track Name
Lady of the Northland
Song for an Indian Carver
Spell of the Cariboo
Beautiful British Columbia


Alan moberg dogwood country back

Moberg, Alan - Dogwood Country

Alan moberg dogwood country front

Dogwood Country


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He is country. He is folk. He is cowboy. He is gospel. He is Western Roots. He is known as “The Saltwater Cowboy” for his blended identity, a singer of the coast and a singer of B.C.’s interior ranch lands. A singer of it's diverse people, with an admiration for the First Nations.

Alan Moberg was inducted into the British Columbia Country Music Hall of Fame in October, 2008. He has won the BMI (SOCAN) award for “an outstanding contribution of Canadian music”, as well as several other B.C. Country Music Association awards. No wonder the music director of Radio Toronto, CIUT, says “Alan is no doubt one of Canada’s best.” Alan Moberg is B.C.’s most authentic troubadour.

A “West Coast Stan Rogers”. He is a simple but powerful performer, just a man and his guitar, but a big presence.

Moberg's songs speak to the human condition, evoking notions of ongoing endurance, perseverance, travails and triumphs with simplicity and directness. He is honest and observant, his lyrics have courage and conviction. He celebrates the lives of ordinary men and women, giving them identity and dignity. He puts smiles on our faces and in our hearts. He gets toes tapping. Soon we're all celebrating. Let his music uplift and enrich you.

He has an extensive body of original and moving songs of his beloved British Columbia, with traditional western themes like bravery, innocence, survival, of his admiration for and the cross cultural friendships we share with First Nations people.

He himself has been given an honoured Chief's name, Hemidi by the Kwakiutl Nation. And is an adopted member of the Gitskan Nation. Howard White of Harbour Publishing says that “Moberg does for B.C.’s interior ranchland and coastal rainforest what Ian Tyson does for Alberta cow country...a moving portrayal of the west beyond the west by a virtuoso singer-songwriter.”

His choral songs have been sung from Czechoslovakia to Jamaica to Nashville, Tennessee, and of course in his own beautiful British Columbia.


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