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Moberg, Alan

Origin: Pender Harbour, British Columbia - Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

The Music Director of Radio Toronto, CIUT, had this to say about award-winning country folk gospel singer Alan Moberg. “Alan is no doubt one of Canada’s best.” He is certainly a BC Troubadour.

Alan Moberg was inducted into the BC Country Music Hall of Fame in, 2008. Among the various awards that he has received in his long career is an award by BMI (Socan) for "outstanding contribution to Canadian music".

He is known as “The Saltwater Cowboy” for his blended identity, a singer of the coast and its peoples, a singer of BC’s interior ranch lands. He is arguably one of the best yodelers on the coast, but is also known as a great story-teller in song, in the original folk tradition. He has been called the West Coast Stan Rogers. He will be honoured by the Merritt Walk of Stars, performing at the Gala in promotion of the Canadian Country Hall of Honour and Museum in May 2010.

His new 16th CD, REMEMBER ME has songs of the Heart, Songs of the Coast, Songs of the Country. The single Please Remember Me was released to commercial Country radio in Canada. Request it from your favourite station. On iTunes.

Moberg himself is the stuff of folklore. Born on the Sunshine Coast in Pender Harbour, BC, he lived in Langley, North Vancouver, Victoria, and Kamloops before settling on beautiful Salt Spring Island. He has worked on the sea as a fisherman, on land as a landscape gardener. His songs reflect an affinity for people who live close to the land, including the Native Indians. In 1972 Alan was given a hereditary name and adopted into the Gitxan Killer Whale Clan of Kispiox, BC.

Moberg’s songs speak to the human condition, evoking notions of ongoing endurance, perseverance, travails and triumphs with simplicity and directness. He is honest and observant, his lyrics have courage and conviction. He celebrates the lives of ordinary men and women, giving them identity and dignity. He puts smiles on our faces and in our hearts. He gets toes tapping. Soon we’re all celebrating

His music is receiving airplay in Canada, the US, Ireland, and Australia. His last CD FARTHER ALONG has charted in the top ten on Canadian University radio in Kamloops,
Lethbridge, and Nanaimo on their Roots Play lists. His choral songs have been sung from Czechoslovakia to Jamaica to Nashville, Tennessee, and of course in his own beautiful British Columbia. He has played in prisons and churches, concert halls and community halls and just about anywhere you can think of. He has had national, local and regional television exposure.

Alan’s repertoire is broad. Take his last three CD’s for instance. His FARTHER ALONG is early influences: Cash, Kristofferson, Nelson, gospel and Christian Roots, folklore of AA, and gems like Memories are Made of This. His HOME AND DRY is a collection of folk and Western Roots—Canadian Americana. And yes, Valdy does sing harmonies on Alan’s song, Valdy, honouring this Canadian icon who also lives on Salt Spring Island. His NORTHERN LOVE captures the beauty and history of British Columbia. Earlier, his folk CD DOGWOOD COUNTRY was chosen by the province of BC for promotion, and was used also in a German film about the province.

Born and living in a coastal community, he has written songs about the coast and its peoples and the BC Rivers such as the Fraser River that run to that coast. Songs such as Wild Salmon, Cold Green Sea, Sunday Night Seine Boats, Return to the River.

One of Alan’s very popular songs is Williams Lake Stampede where he honours rodeos and the old friends who meet once a year to “watch the cowboys ride”. This song has promoted the BC cowboy way of life for decades around the world. The Stampede honoured him in 2009 on the 40th anniversary of the song.

He sings of early settlers in songs like Spell of the Cariboo where he talks of stagecoach wheels and gunshots, hanging judges and ranchers; or his Fulford Valley where he writes of many traditional western themes like bravery, innocence, survival.

He has many songs about his admirations for the first peoples and the cross cultural friendships that exist in this beautiful land we share. His Song for an Indian Carver was written for his adopted brother, the late Chief Walter Harris (Simogyat Geel), recipient of a Governor-General’s Award for visual and media arts. Or there is his Northern Love, which has been put to 4-part harmony.

Of course, a relationship with God often went hand in hand with survival living, and Alan’s Amazing Grace or Whispering Hope could as easily be heard in the early days

Alan has a body of work of the folklore of Alcoholics Anonymous (and other 12-step movements) in such songs as his Serenity Prayer or in his version of Kris Kristofferson’s One Day at a Time. Alan has walked the long hard row of life and knows when to ask for a helping hand.

Alan even has a wide collection of soft country/rock 50’s and 60’s cover material. And he invites local choirs to perform his BC choral songs as openers to his concerts, or in concerts of their own.

Alan Moberg is Canada’s most authentic troubadour. He is a simple and powerful performer, just a man and his guitar, but a big presence.

Hear him as host of The Alan Moberg Show on 107.9-fm, Salt Spring Island, streaming live at www.cfsi-fmcom . Wednesdays at noon Pacific Time.

Do listen to and buy his music. Let his music uplift and enrich any event.

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Alan Moberg

Alan moberg squared

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