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Men Without Hats - Folk of the 80's (EP)

Format: 10"
Label: H.A.T.S. Inc. hats-001
Year: 1980
Origin: Montréal, Québec
Genre: electronic, pop, Synth-pop, new wave
Value of Original Title: $50.00
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Release Type: 10"
Websites:  No
Playlist: New Wave Post Punk Wave, Quebec, 1980's


Side 1

Track Name
Modern Dancing
Utter Space

Side 2

Track Name
Security (Everybody Feels Better With)


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Men Without Hats - Folk of the 80's

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Men Without Hats - Folk of the 80's

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Men Without Hats - Folk of the 80's

R 1412822 1219931934

Folk of the 80's (EP)


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This EP was recorded at Marco Studio in Old Montreal and its original pressing was of 3000 copies in 10 inch form (I think that there might have been a second pressing of 3000). It was subsequently picked up by Stiff Records (US) and a further 16,000 records were pressed for the US market. The only difference between the two pressings is that the US pressing was a 12" record. ... Tracy Howe also never played on this or any other MWH album. The folks who have this on their album means that they have a second pressing copy because Tracy's name was added because he had just joined the band!

Ivan Doroschuk: vocals, electronics
Jeremie Arrobas: drums, electronics
Stefan Doroschuk: bass
Roman Martyn: guitars
Lysanne Thibodeau: backing vocals, electronics

Produced by Mark Durand

Museum of Canadian Music Musée de la Musique Canadienne Calgary Vinyl Music Museum Canada Museum of Recorded Sound Canada Music Museum Calgary Music Museum


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