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Madore, Michel - Le Komuso a Cordes

Format: LP
Label: Barclay B80260
Year: 1976
Origin: Québec
Genre: rock, prog
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: 1970's, Francophone, Quebec, Prog Rock


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Madore, Michel - Le Komuso a Cordes

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Madore, Michel - Le Komuso a Cordes

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Madore, Michel - Le Komuso a Cordes

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Madore, Michel - Le Komuso a Cordes

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Madore, Michel - Le Komuso a Cordes

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Le Komuso a Cordes


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Madore 's debut album is a gentle affair that is rather difficult to classify, unless broad-brushing between Oldfield's Tubullar Bells and JM Jarre's Oxygène, but at times it sounds like a quiet Gong (the sedated RGI line-ups), the whole thing taking on a special space rock full of phasers and other electronic effects. Behind the superb and intriguing artwork, lays an assembled band that plays tight enough, but only drummer Mathieu Leger (ex-Lasting Weep and future Orchestre Sympathique) stands out with his superb and constant rolls.
Mac has a bit of GonG, more in the ambiance than in the pure zaniness, but sets the tone for the album to come. Closing up the first side is the lengthy Avant Dernière (second last), which claims a certain serenity that propulses into positive thinking, even if some of the sound effects can seem quite dated.

Highlighting the flipside is Rush, again is a bit reminiscent of GonG's isle of everywhere, but breathing its own life. The aptly titled Juggernaut (its almost 10-mins length) is a jewel of space rock that hovers the flying teapots and electric cheeses. Excellent stuff. The short Bali is fitting the album mould with haunting bells and birdsongs aerial synth lines and Madore's haunting 12-string guitar; a fitting close to the album.

Unfortunately, both of Michel Madore's albums have yet to receive a Cd reissue, but something tells me that either XXI or ProgQuebec should indeed one day get interested in them. In the meantime, Madore's two vinyl albums remains accessible (both musically and price-wise), and it shouldn't cost you that much to get acquainted with the man's works, which are much worth the discovery, this one in particular.
-Sean Trane, progarchives

Michel Madore: 12 strings guitar, arp solina, string ensemble, arp pro-solist, synthesizer, cymbalon, singing string, ocarina, carillo, EMS synth, piano
Ron Proby: acoustic & electric soprano saxophone, ocarina, minimoog, eminent, percussions
Mathieu Léger: drums, tubular bells, gongs, percussions
Philippe Beck: acoustic piano, fender rhodes
Errol Walters: upright bass, electric bass
Fernand Durand: electric bass (Juggernaut)


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