Claire lepage   compagnie   st front


Lepage, Claire & Compagnie - ST

Format: LP
Label: Trans Canada TC 766
Year: 1970
Origin: Lachute, Québec, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, psych
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: 1970's, Rock Room, Francophone, Psych


Side 1

Track Name
Les chemins de l'amour
Rendez-vous express
L'amour est la
Depuis que c'est arrivé

Side 2

Track Name
Take it Easy
Quand la nuit sera tombee
We Can Work it Out
Un poete un toi une bergere


Claire lepage   compagnie   st back

Claire Lepage & Compagnie - ST BACK

Claire lepage   compagnie   st label 01

Claire Lepage & Compagnie - ST LABEL 01

Claire lepage   compagnie   st label 02

Claire Lepage & Compagnie - ST LABEL 02

Claire lepage   compagnie   st front



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Claire Lepage and Compagnie was a french Canadian psychedelic rock band led by Claire LePage's strong vocals, Germain Gauthier, Bill Lagariuk and Richard Patri, and with the collaboration of Denis Lepage at the organ.

Claire LePage was best known as a Québecois Ye Ye girl, recording mostly French language covers of British Invasion and Motown songs, as well as a few France Gall covers (although her voice and delivery is more reminiscent of Sylvie Vartan). It’s all pretty groovy, but nothing about it really separated her from Jenny Rock and the rest of the French Canadian Ye Ye’s. However, as the 1960’s drew to a close, the Ye Ye girls faded away. Bands like Gidget and the Flying Nun were seen as silly relics of the early 60’s, where the ideal woman was childish, playful, and perky. As the 70’s dawned, musicians were supposed to be serious, weighed down by the ways of the world, and on drugs.

And while the rest of her Ye Ye sisters were hanging up their miniskirts and calling it a day, Claire LePage hooked up with Compagnie, a heavy rock band, and recorded this outstanding album. The music is heavy, funky rock, with squealing lead guitars, groovy cowbells, tambourines, some trippy delay, and nice harmony vocals.

Claire Lepage: vocals
Germain Gauthier: guitar, piano, vocals
Serge Blouin: bass
Bill Lazariuk: drums, vocals
Denis Lepage: organ

Produced by Yves Martin
Art Direction by Louis-Laurent Gauthier


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