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Knechtel, Richard - Home & Away

Format: CD
Label: Greentree Music GT-CD663
Year: 1992
Origin: Walkerton, Ontario
Genre: folk
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Ontario, 1990's, Hockey Room, Folk


Track Name
The Hockey Tune
Like Father - Like Son
Going Home
Missing You
Make the World (Beautiful)
The Strangest Thing
A Lot to Learn
Folka Polka
Downtown in Fullarton
Gordie McLean
Ay Paddy
Angel of Love


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Cd richard knechtel   home   away cd

CD-Richard Knechtel - Home & Away CD

Cd richard knechtel   home   away front

Home & Away


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Knechtel decided for this CD that he wanted to work one-on-one with musicians he had seen and admired at various folk festivals including Walt Maynard, Wendell Ferguson, Paul Mills, Tom Leighton, James Gordon Ian Tamblyn and David Woodhead.

Working with so many different styles of musicians gave each of the 12 songs a feel of their own yet together add up to a winning Canadian Folk combination.
-Lori Ross, Sound Waves

This is a warm, funny, thoughtful CD filled with songs that celebrate absolutely simple things in life.
-Claudia Staines, Mosaic

The Walkerton-based singer/songwriter is a clever wordsmith without drawing attention to his craft, Similarly, his voice and musicianship (guitar, piano, keyboards, bass and harmonica) are no less effective for being warm, informal and understated.
-Robert Reid, K-W Record


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