Killer dwarfs dirty weapons front


Killer Dwarfs - Dirty Weapons

Format: LP
Label: Epic E 45139
Year: 1990
Origin: Oshawa, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, metal, glam
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Ontario, 1990's, Metal


Side 1

Track Name
Dirty Weapons
Nothin' Gets Nothin'
All That We Dream
Doesn't Matter
Last Laugh

Side 2

Track Name
Comin' Through
One Way Out
Not Foolin'
Want It Bad


Killer dwarfs dirty weapons back

Killer Dwarfs-Dirty Weapons BACK

Killer dwarfs dirty weapons label 01

Killer Dwarfs-Dirty Weapons LABEL 01

Killer dwarfs dirty weapons label 02

Killer Dwarfs-Dirty Weapons LABEL 02

Killer dwarfs dirty weapons front

Dirty Weapons


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Billboard Chart Position #151

Killer Dwarfs had the makings of a big-time arena rock band, but headlining arenas was something the slick outfit never had the chance to do. A big commercial breakthrough eluded the Killer Dwarfs, whose pop-metal style was sort of Mötley Crüe meets Ratt meets Poison. Typical of the band's Epic output, Dirty Weapons isn't the most original album in the world and is far from earth-shattering, though it does contain some fairly catchy material -- most notably "Last Laugh," "All That We Dream," and "Not Foolin'." Why one of these songs didn't make the Killer Dwarfs successful is anyone's guess -- the album sounds like it was tailor-made for MTV and album-oriented rock radio of the early '90s. Perhaps it fell between the corporate cracks. Whatever went wrong, Killer Dwarfs barely made a dent commercially.
Alex Henderson, Allmusic

Russ Dwarf Graham: vocals
Mike Dwarf Hall: guitar, vocals
Bad Ronbo Dwarf Mayer: bass, vocals
Darrell Dwarf Millar: drums, vocals

Produced, engineered and mixed by Andy Johns
Executive producer Michael Caplan


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