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Killer Dwarfs

Origin: Oshawa, Ontario, 🇨🇦

The KiLLeR DWaRFs were formed in 1981 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They quickly gained international success in Canada with the Juno nominated self-titled KiLLeR DWaRFs debut album in 1983 with Attic Records. The band received a lot of attention in the USA. Originals Bryce and Ange both left the band in 1984 to be replaced by Mike Hall and Ron Mayer. They soon cut the iconic and highly sought after album STAND TALL in ’86 on Maze/A&M/Grudge Records. The first single, “Keep the Spirit Alive,” was an anthem of the times. Canada’s Much Music and MTV provided substantial airplay for their hits “Stand Tall ” and “Keep The Spirit Alive” providing great exposure for the band. MTV put the band’s videos for “Keep The Spirit Alive” and “Stand Tall” on a 13-week rotation helping album to sell an unprecedented 80,000 copies during that time. (It has now surpassed the 120000 units sold and has sold on EBay for as much as $500!) In 1987, the video was the most requested on MTV. It still holds the record for MTV’s most- requested independent video of all time. Stand Tall was greeted with similar accolades. Russ hosted the MTV “Head banger’s Ball” with Rob Halford of Judas Priest in 1987. The exposure got the KiLLeR DWaRFs noticed by Sony/Epic Records offering a multimillion dollar worldwide contract. BIG DEAL (Sony) produced by Simon Halhart (Saxon and Marillion), continued with hits like “Starting To Shine”, “Desperados”,”We Stand Alone”. In 1988 they supported Iron Maiden across US/Europe on a sold out tour and appearing at several outdoor rock festivals here and overseas. In 1989 the band recorded “Dirty Weapons” with award-winning producer Andy Johns (Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart, Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Cinderella). Released in 1990, it included ‘Doesn’t Matter’ their first radio hit in the USA. The song went to #1 in 13 cities. “Dirty Weapons” became a smash hit on MTV. In 1991 they were nominated for a Juno award for Best Hard Rock Group but lost to Rush. 1992’s Method to the Madness was also with Andy Johns. Mike Hall was replaced by Gerry Finn on guitar. It was touted as one of the best hard rock albums Canada ever produced. It included “Hard Luck Town” and “Cowboys and Conmen “along with the chart topping “Driftin Back”. They parted with Sony/Epic in 1993. The band played some of the largest venues around the world including Wembley Arena, Hammersmith Odeon, Toronto’s historic CNE Grandstand, Ricoh Coliseum. They have also performed on many of the largest festival stages and amphitheatres in the US and Canada. They have also toured and shared the stage with many world renowned artists. In 2013 The KiLLeR DWaRFs released a “lost” CD entitled Start @ One. Recorded in 1993 with the Method to the Madness lineup. The band reunited in May of 2013 to support the release. Plans are underway for another Live CD/DVD with clips and footage 2013/14 world tour. The band has now sold over 2 million records as it enters this new and exciting chapter in their career

A band from Canada (twice being nominated for a Juno award), the Killer Dwarfs were known for their quirky humor, such as all the members surprisingly going by the surname of Dwarf. Lead singer Russ Dwarf only stood in at 5'4", but the rest of the band was rather tall despite rumors that you had to be under a certain height in order to join. The Killer Dwarfs arose from the ashes of vocalist Russ "Dwarf" Graham and drummer Darrell "Dwarf" Millar's club bands in Toronto, Ontario in late 1981. Rounded out by Bryce "Dwarf" Trewin (guitar) and Ange "Dwarf" Fodero (bass) the band released their self-titled debut album. It would be three years before the follow-up was released; due in part to Bryce and Ange leaving because they thought the band was going nowhere. They both left the band in 1984 to be replaced by Mike "Dwarf" Hall and Bad Ronbo Dwarf (Mayer).

Stand Tall saw the band make inroads, with help from the hilarious videos for "Stand Tall" and "Keep The Spirit Alive", and by 1988 the Killer Dwarfs were signed to a major label. "Big Deal" and "Dirty Weapons" would prove to be the band's commercial peak (with "It Doesn't Matter" have some rock radio success), as both releases reached the Billboard charts. Mike Hall would leave to be replaced by guitarist Gerry "Dwarf" Finn on the final studio release. Method To The Madness failed to find much of an audience and the band was dropped. Around this time Russ Graham had a family crisis to attend to and in 1995 the Killer Dwarfs were put to rest.

Russell Graham released an album fronting a band called Penny Black while Darrell Millar is a current member of Laidlaw. Guitarists Hall and Finn joined Helix for a short period of time in 2000. In 2001 the classic Big Deal line-up returned to tour and bring their outrageous humor and stage show to the masses once again. A new studio album, the first in over ten years, is now in the works.

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Killer dwarves 001

Killer Dwarves 001

Killer dwarves 002

Killer Dwarfs


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