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Keelaghan, James - Small Rebellions

Format: LP
Label: Tranquilla TM 2
Year: 1990
Origin: Calgary, Alberta
Genre: folk
Keyword:  Hillcrest Mine, Louis Riel
Value of Original Title: $10.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Louis Riel, Alberta, 1990's, Folk


Side 1

Track Name
Hillcrest Mine
Princes of the Clouds
Red River Rising
The Ones Who Made Home
Rebecca's Lament
Timeless Love

Side 2

Track Name
Small Rebellion
Misty Mountain
Somewhere Ahead
Country Faire
Departure Bay
Gladys Ridge


Small rebellions cover 1024

Small Rebellions


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The sophmore cd by James Recorded live off the floor at the jubilee Auditorium Rehearsal Room over 12 days, and contains some of keelaghan's best known songs, Hillcrest Mine Gladys ridge and the heartbreaking Rebecca's lament.


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