Indian Jack (John Charles Visser) - The World of Indian Jack and His Friends

Format: LP
Label: Cassandra Records CRA 5003LP
Year: 1984
Origin: Calgary, Alberta
Genre: country
Keyword:  Alberta, Canadiana, Louis Riel, Indian Jack
Value of Original Title: $65.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Canadiana, First Nations, Alberta, 1980's, Louis Riel, Canadian Country & Western


Side 1

Track Name
The Ballad of Indian Jack
Two Great Chiefs
Louis Riel
Alberta, Oh Alberta

Side 2

Track Name
Equestrienne Linda
Ballad of Emperor Pick
Cowgirl Sharon
The Roughnecks of the Oilfields



Indian Jack (John Charles Visser) - The World of Indian Jack and His Friends


The World of Indian Jack and His Friends


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John Charles Visser (Indian Jack) was born in the foothills ranching country of Calgary, Alberta on August 14th, 1929. Jack was educated and lived in Moo-hg-kin-stiss (Calgary) most of his life. During his high school vacation, Jack was employed as a roughneck on "wild-cat" oil drilling rigs. While travelling through western Canada, the Yukon, and Alaska, he came into contact with natve Indians of many different tribes and nations. He studied the Blackfoot language in university night classes but was never able to make it with an 'ne-gee-ta-be-ah-ke', probably because he was an elderly napi-go-wex.

Recorded at Writers Workshop Studio in Calgary.
Produced by Peter D'amico for Indian Jack Enterprises Ltd.


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