Hambleton  greg   ogopogo bw the ookpik song


Hambleton, Greg - Ogopogo b/w The Ookpik Song

Format: 45
Label: Canamyth UTD 101
Year: 1966
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: Canadiana
Keyword:  ogopogo, ookpik
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Blue Okanagan, Canadian Monsters, MOCM wantlist


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The Ookpik Song


Hambleton  greg   ogopogo bw the ookpik song

Ogopogo b/w The Ookpik Song


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Legendary Toronto Studioman & Producer! He recorded just about everything cool, from The Lords of London to The Midnight Angels. Here, Greg gets dupped into singing songs about Canadian myth creatures. Apparently an entire LP of material was prepared if this single had generated enough interest. That didn't happen, as there was only a few hundred of these made. Greg also wrote most of the songs on Suzanne's album.

Canadian music producer and songwriter Greg Hambleton composed and recorded the folk/pop song Ogopogo for the upstart label Canamyth Records. The song deals with various explanations for the Ogopogo myth, which the narrator refutes, insisting that the creature is real.


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