Darkroom   san paku front


Darkroom - San Paku

Format: LP
Label: Warner 25-02431
Year: 1983
Origin: Edmonton, Alberta
Genre: rock, new wave
Value of Original Title: $25.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Alberta, New Wave Post Punk Wave, 1980's


Side 1

Track Name
In Dim light
Leave it to Heaven
Tears Hold No Cure
Proven Guilty
It's Cold Out Here

Side 2

Track Name
San Paku
Don't Talk
Some Stories Never Change


Darkroom   san paku back

Darkroom - San Paku BACK

Darkroom   san paku insert side 01

Darkroom - San Paku INSERT SIDE 01

Darkroom   san paku insert side 02

Darkroom - San Paku INSERT SIDE 02

Darkroom   san paku label 01

Darkroom - San Paku LABEL 01

Darkroom   san paku label 02

Darkroom - San Paku LABEL 02

Darkroom   san paku front

San Paku



Jim Gray: vocals
Alan Marks: guitar
Wolf Radke: guitar, keyboards
Jeff Schmidt: bass
Tim Palmar: drums

Produced by Wes Dakus, assisted by Howard Steele
Engineered by Howard Steele and Ian Ross
Recorded and mixed at Sundown Recorders, Edmonton, Alberta
Mixed by Howard Steele
Mastered at Precision Lacquer, Los Angeles, California, USA

Photography by Kathy Mene

Museum of Canadian Music Musée de la Musique Canadienne Calgary Vinyl Music Museum Canada Museum of Recorded Sound Canada Music Museum Calgary Music Museum


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