Conventum - À l'affût d'un complot

Format: LP
Label: Tamanoir TAM 27011
Year: 1977
Origin: Montréal, Québec
Genre: rock, jazz, prog
Value of Original Title: $35.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Side 1

Track Name
La valse des fous
Les criticotteuses
À l'affût d'un complot
La bataille
Le piège

Side 2

Track Name
Le sablier et les petits travaux
Les reels du conventum
La première pièce (21 Juillet)


Conventum %c3%80 l'aff%c3%bbt d'un complot label 02

Conventum - À l'affût d'un complot

Conventum %c3%80 l'aff%c3%bbt d'un complot label 01

Conventum - À l'affût d'un complot


À l'affût d'un complot


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Conventum is one of those typical Quebecois projects to have come in the second half of the 70's. As soon as 72, Duschene arrived in a cultural circle which included sculptors and theatre groups. For some five years anf much musicians passing by, through, back or away, Conventum lived a slow birth, but will see its first album on the ultra small (and now ultra collectible) label Le Tamanoir. By this time, Conventum was developing a progressive music crossing chamber music and rock. Their first album, A L' Affût D' Un Complot (on the look out of a plot), this music was also highly theatrical, acoustic and satirical, and in many regards if not really avant-garde, sufficiently groundbreaking, but also full of traditional folk music around that time was recorded a concert in their home base which will be released much later (as bonus tracks) and presents a much more experimental phase/facet of theirs. The following year, Conventum released their second album on the same crazy and satirical musical grounds, Le Bureau Central des Utopies released on another ultra small label Cadence. Unfortunately, this was to be their last album and most musicians will drift into different directions. Conventum is best appreciated with a good mastering of the French language (their French singing is actually quite neutral and easily understood), but can be easily enjoyed by most adventurous progheads, as the music is often breathtaking.

Both albums are much recommended to anybody progheads into chamber "rock" music, the way only Quebecois, the Finns and Belgians can do it. Both albums had received a Cd re-issue on the small Kozak label (with many superb bonus tracks) and have been granted another re-issue from ProgQuebec.

Jean-Pierre Bouchard: acoustic guitar, tenor recorder
Bernard Cormier: violin, métallophone
André Duchesne: acoustic guitar
Jacques Laurin: electric bass, double bass
René Lussier: electric guitar, 12-string, mandolin
Alain-Arthur Painchaud: recite-delinquent
Louise Forestier: voice
Sylvie Choquette: vocals
Charles Kaczynski: violin, viola, cello
Matthieu Léger: percussion
Michel Therrien: saxophone, viola, oboe


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