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Chessmen - The Way You Fell b/w She Comes By Night

Format: 45
Label: London M 17340
Year: 1965
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: garage
Value of Original Title: $50.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Rock Room, Rockabilly & Early Cdn R&R, 1960's, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
The Way You Fell

Side 2

Track Name
She Comes By Night


R 5694052 1415060342 4832.jpeg

The Way You Fell b/w She Comes By Night


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"The Way You Fell" b/w "She Comes By Night" (London 17340) debuted Jacks' soft, saccharine vocals and hit #2 locally. The A-side invokes the Grassroots or the Cascades, the flip is an odd grave-rock dirge. Still, both tracks demonstrate Jacks' growing talent as a songwriter (fortunate, for the band found his rhythm guitar work abysmal and had considered dumping him!).

Larry Borisoff ~ Bass
Terry Jacks ~ Guitar
Miles Kingan ~ Drums
Ted Lewis (aka Duris Maxwell) ~ Drums
Bill Lockie ~ Bass
Ken Moore ~ Drums
Bruce Peterson ~ Electric Accordian
Guy Sobell ~ Guitar
Al Wiertz ~ Drums

The Chessmen formed in Vancouver B.C. in 1963 and first released an instrumental 45 of "Meadowlands" and "Mustang" on London Records. Their follow up single featured Terry Jacks on Vocals singing "The Way You Fell" and "She Comes By Night" which reached #4 on the local charts. Members Terry Jacks on Rhythm Guitar and Guy Sobell on Lead Guitar were joined by several different bassists and drummers during the band's existance including members Bill Lockie, Al Wiertz, Miles Kingan, Larry Borisoff, Kenny Moore and Duris Maxwell. The Band travelled to Nashville in 1965 with a newly added member Bruce Peterson, who played electric 'Chordovox' accordion. In Nashville they recorded two singles for Mercury records before their break up in July 1966.


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