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Buck 65 (Richard Terfry) - Synesthesia

Format: CD
Label: Endemik Music END001
Year: 2001
Origin: Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia
Genre: hip-hop
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Nova Scotia, Buck 65, Hip-Hop Rap Room, 2000's


Track Name
Skill Saw
Hot Lunch
Attack of the Nerds
I Die Every Night
While I'm Young
Make-Out Song
'65 Buick
Mouth Wash
The Tracks by Pentz Lake
Poop and Pee
Rat's Ass-Customs
Toxic Constituents
Confidence in the System-Centaur" (Remix)
Nerds (Remix)


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Buck 65 (Richard Terfry) - Synesthesia BACK

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Buck 65 (Richard Terfry) - Synesthesia INSERT

Buck 65 %28richard terfry%29   synesthesia cd

Buck 65 (Richard Terfry) - Synesthesia CD

Buck 65 %28richard terfry%29   synesthesia front



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Synesthesia is the fifth full length album by Buck 65. It was originally released in 2001 on Endemik Records and then re-released with additional songs and music on Warner in 2002.

Original Release
Originally released in a 1000 copies only pressing on Endemik records, the pressing consisted of one approximately 30 something minute track. This track was made up of numerous individual songs that mixed together akin to Buck 65's earlier album styles. Apparently the pressing was meant to have additional track markers but it came out on one large track by mistake. The whole recording was composed and completed over one weekend before Buck went on tour, though the lyrics may have been written over a period of time.

Warner Re-Release
When Buck 65 released Square, his first album on the Warner label, his entire back catalogue of albums back to Weirdo Magnet were also re-released by Warner distribution. Synaesthesia was the only album that contained significant changes to the original release. Most songs were re-recorded, some were dropped, new songs were added and new music was put under some of the original lyrics. Though some songs like The Centaur Drum and Bass remix remained, many of the wholesale changes made to this album altered the original outcome of the Endemik pressing.


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