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Bryant, Wiz - Ballads of Canada

Format: LP
Label: Berandol BER 9071
Year: 1979
Origin: Penticton, British Columbia
Genre: folk, Canadiana
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Canadiana, British Columbia, 1970's, Canadian Folk


Side 1

Track Name
Caribou Wind
The Fisherman's Friend
The Gift of Peace
Shadow on the Wabigoon
Tom Thomson
Song for Greyowl

Side 2

Track Name
My Father's Violin
Song of Survival
Wild Goose Jack
Children of the Wilderness
Poet of the Pines



Wiz Bryant - Ballads of Canada


Wiz Bryant - Ballads of Canada


Wiz Bryant - Ballads of Canada

Wiz bryant ballads of canada front

Ballads of Canada


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Wiz Bryant, "Canada's Balladeer" is from Penticton, British Columbia. This was his first of five albums.

Wiz Bryant is encouraging Canadians to join hands and to feel good about Canada. His lyrics on great Canadians of yesterday and the beauty of our lanscape, arouse curiosity and pride. In his own exuberant way with guitar and voice he is helping us to appreciate Canada's rich diversity. He's battling barriers of distance and indifference with ballads - a painless and pleasant way to know Canada better.
-(Mr.Canada) John W. Fisher, O.C.

Wiz Bryant has written dozens of songs about our culture and our heritage. With songs like "Beautiful British Columbia", "Canada Dan", "The Hinton Train Disaster", "Fire Coming Over the Hill", "Voyage of The John Franklin", "Home of the Haida", "Our Town (Theme from sketches of our Town)", "The Man from Skinners Pond (Tribute to Stompin Tom Connors)", "Okanagan Homecoming", "Ontario!", "The Happy Canadian", "The Selkirk Reel", "The Pioneer's Dream", "The C.N.E. Song", "Shadow on the Wabigoon", "Tom Thomson", "Louis Riel", "In Flanders Fields (words by John McCrae)", "Terry's Song" (Terry Fox), "Saint Marie Among the Hurons", and "Land of the Maple Leaf", Wiz Bryant has played an integral role in the preservation and celebration of our deep Canadian culture.

Wiz Bryant: all lyrics, music, lead vocals, and acoustic guitar
Andrew Affleck: bass
John Dell: drums, percussion and background vocals
Sandy MacIntyre: fiddle
Larry Sereda: flute
Mark Crawford: banjo, electric guitar, mandolin.

Produced by Howard J. Baer
Engineered by Steve Vaughan, John Dell, and Doug J. McKenzie
Remixed by Steve Vaughan
Recorded at Master's Workshop in Rexdale, Ontario
The cover photo was by Bill Samuels
Back cover by Don Arsenault


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