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Brooks, Alma Faye - Doin' It

Format: LP
Label: RCA Victor KCLI 0303
Year: 1979
Origin: Montréal, Québec
Genre: disco, funk, soul
Value of Original Title: $30.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: 1970's, Beautiful Black Canadians, Quebec, Disco Boogie, Bellwether Lassies


Side 1

Track Name
Don't Fall In Love
Gimme Your Love
Here's To Life

Side 2

Track Name
I Believed
It's Over
Brother Dan
Thank You


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Brooks, Alma Faye - Doin' It

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Brooks, Alma Faye - Doin' It

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Brooks, Alma Faye - Doin' It

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Brooks, Alma Faye - Doin' It

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Brooks, Alma Faye - Doin' It

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Doin' It


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In January 1977, at the height of the disco craze – when Montreal was one of the scene’s global epicenters – Alma Faye Brooks burst onto the scene with her March 16, 1977 Juno-nominated American disco hit Stop, I Don’t Need No Sympathy that was released as an RCA records 12” single. "Doin' It" is what followed, getting the attention from many fans of Late '70s Dance music.


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