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Wade Brothers (Brett and Joel)

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Wainwright, Martha

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backstage Montreal Forum Sept 4, 64 during big package show CFOX mid 60's incl Bill Anderson, Web Pierce, Carter family w/ Doug Trineer & The Hackamores L-R Paul Menard, Helen Carter, Mother Maybelle Carter, Dougie Trineer, Anita Carter, June Davey & me

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Walker, Angus

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Ronnie Spencer & I in Mulgrave during one Christmas long ago. Ronnie aka Paul was there for many firsts in my career: first demo, live performances and weekly show on CJFX: the Radio Rangers which aired on Thursdays for a couple seasons in the 50's

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I always felt most comfortable performing at small venues like this one in Grand Anse, Cape Breton. 50's my 1st concert. Ronnie (aka Paul) Spencer, someone who taught me a lot about music on laptop steel guitar and Nobbie Breau on accordion

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I'll never forget reading a letter from J. Clyde Nunn inviting us for an hr long radio show Thurs nights at 6pm on CJFX radio. I learned a lot from our couple of seasons there. From LtoR The Radio Rangers: Ronnie Spencer, me, Cris and Earl Chisholm

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The young feller with Les Paul Jr. is me ca 1960 when I had the pleasure of being part of this line up of "The Maritime Playboys" which incl George Beck (ac gtr), Freddie McKenna (mandolin), Loran Baker (bass). The lady was Freddie's wife, Melva

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Hank Snow and myself as it is 20 years to the day since his passing. As you can tell, I was in my glory that day, meeting a hero of mine! I'll leave the story behind this picture for another time. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Another one of George Beck and The Maritime Playboys taken in Chaleur Bay Quebec circa '63. From left tor right, Brent Williams, Harry Cromwell, George Beck and Angus Walker.

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Another of "The Maritime Playboys" circa 1963. From left to right, Harry Cromwell, George Beck, Brent Williams and myself.