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Lost Fingers

Websites:  http://thelostfingers.com/en
Origin: Québec City, Québec

By exercising remarkable musicianship, heavenly vocals and creative arrangements, along with a keen sense of humor and eccentric fashion, this quartet transforms pop/rock music classics performed in a Django gypsy jazz style Django Reinhrdtwith a hint of blue grass. Their creativity and virtuosity allows them to take the listener on a entertaining music journey through everything from AC/DC to Stevie Wonders to Michael Jackson to Deee-lite to Kool and the gang to Stromae. This is a remarkable, high energy and fun show is designed for music lovers, pop-culture aficionados, and even conservative jazz experts.

The Lost Fingers have sold over 400,000 albums across the world and have a Canadian double-platinum selling “Lost in the 80′s” album and a gold selling “Rendez-vous Rose” album under their Tiger of Sweden sponsored belts. They’ve toured Canada coast to coast, and performed in over 22 different countries such as the US, Russia, France, Spain, Lithuania, Turkey, United Emirates, New Caledonia and Colombia to name a few. They’ve shared the stage with a long list of top-selling artists, most notably Celine Dion, when they performed together on TV’s Star Academie.

They have also collaborated and performed with respected jazz/studio musicians such as the be-lated George Harrison’s favorite guitarist Robin Nolan, Elton John’s band leader/guitarist John Jorgenson and the guitar virtuoso, Andreas Oberg to name a few.

Their 5th album (3rd in English), Wonders of the world, produced by John Jorgenson has been released on May 6th 2014 featuring the sublime and beautiful new vocalist Valerie Amyot (finalist on “La Voix” Quebec’s version of the popular American TV show The Voice) and the guitar virtuoso Dr. François “La Mitraille” Rioux who possesses a doctorate in Jazz Guitar.

In concert, the group will also offer unique bonus arrangements of Daft Punk, Anna Kendricks, Earth, Wind and Fire, Gun's and Roses. Energy, swing, smiles, humor, musicality, virtuosity and costumes will be at the rendez-vous!

In 2015, the cover of the album Wonders of the world directed by Caroline Blanchette, Martin Tremblay and Byron Mikaloff was nominated at the Juno Awards in the category "Recording Package of the year"!



 03a0307 hires poster 8bit new squarespace

Lost Fingers


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