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Dry Heaves

Origin: Windsor, Ontario

Shortly after the arrival of The Spy's came Windsor's second punk rock soldiers, The Dry Heaves. Formed in 1979, it featured Hevy Kevie on lead vocals, Tommy Vomit and Rudy Baby on guitars, Ray Maybe on bass/keys and Cookie Man on drums. Their punk rock attack was a ferocious barrage of angst ridden mayhem, aimed at injecting some youth in the classic rock pomp of the Top 40 doctrines of the day. They played a ferocious schedule, playing a multitude of gigs with such bands as The Spy's, Destroy All Monsters and Teenage Head to name a few. They released an EP in 1980 on Salem Records entitled Shoot Yourself. Considering the complete commercial unacceptability of punk rock in this time, the album gained national notoriety.

The Heaves unfortunately broke up in 1981, following Hevy Kevie's move to Toronto.They would get together periodically throughout the 1980's and 1990's for a series of reunion shows and in 2000, RaveUp Records released a 12-song Shoot Yourself album (featuring the original EP and other unreleased original recordings from the initial sessions). The renewed interest stirred the Heaves into reforming on a more permanent basis and they gigged quite reguarly up until 2004. Hevy Kevie and Tommy Vomit are also still performing locally as part of The Shannon Brothers. Whether or not the Heaves are officially done is anyone's guess. You never know when another Dry Heave will come up! As in the case of the Spy's, the Dry Heaves legacy has lasted longer than they did.
- Jamie Greer, The Windsor Scene



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