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Ceramic Hello

Origin: Burlington, Ontario

The band was formed by Brett Wickens shortly after he left the Spoons. The first incarnation of the duo was called "The Jovial Foresters." This group made one live performance, and produced a few unreleased songs in a prog-rock style. Wickens then decided to record a proper album of his own minimalist/techno material, and recruited Humphreys to compose short "bridge" Instrumentals between his longer tracks. The resulting album, entitled "The Absence of a Canary," was pressed in the quantity of 1000. Nearly all copies sold, largely due to the efforts of one Paul Abrahams, who had formed the label "Box Man Records." Ceramic Hello never played live, and released just one more single before giving up the ghost. Humphreys released a CD of original psych/folk material in 1996 called "Beyond the Wall of Sleep" (with a cover designed by Wickens) and is now teaching English in the North of England. Wickens went on to build a flourishing career as an album cover designer (among other things.) He is now Vice President of a multi-national web design company based in San Fransisco. Demands from a devoted core of German Ceramic Hello have so far failed to produce a re-release of "The Absence of Canary" on CD.



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