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Origin: Toronto, Ontario

Bunchofuckingoofs, or the BFGs, are an infamous hardcore punk band from Kensington Market in Toronto, Ontario who formed in November 1983 as a response to "a local war with glue huffing nazi skinheads." They ran a 24 hour a day, seven day a week boozecan from July 1983 to July 1988 at their Baldwin Street address (Fort Goof) and for another three and half years at the 26A Oxford Street warehouse (Goof World) until May 5, 1991. Spawned from this local scene were the bands 4½ Reasons For Retroactive Abortion, Brutally Honest, Ded Fuck, No Identity (No I.D.), Blasphamy, Nunoyerfuckinbiziness (N.F.B.), Armed and Hammered, B. Bob's Banned, Verboten, PolitiKILL inCOREct and the singer of the present line-up for Random Killing. The band has a notorious reputation for their excessive beer drinking, anti social outbursts and violent behaviour on and off stage as well as their followers. They were label mates with the Dayglo Abortions on God Records and Fringe Product.

The singer, Crazy Steve Goof, ran for municipal office twice, under the name Steve BFG Johnson.

In 1985, Kieran Plunkett, the present singer and bass player for UK punk band The Restarts, spraypainted the Bunchofuckingoofs logo on the Berlin Wall and after the fall of the wall, that section of the wall was taken off to be viewed in art expositions in Basel, Switzerland and New York City. The 8, 4 meter tall pieces of the wall (measuring ten meters long) were then to be auctioned off at Sotheby's.

Joey Only states them as one of his first major influences after seeing them play at Punkfest in his teens. Former bassist, Thor also played in hardcore punk band Armed and Hammered and goth band Peridition. The BFGs can be seen in the Canadian series T. and T. where they played a street gang in the first episode. They were extras in many other T. and T. episodes and numerous other television series such as Night Heat, Captain Power, Street Legal, Friday's Curse, Knightwatch, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, My Secret Identity, Katts and Dog, War of the Worlds and Friday the 13th. They can also be seen in movies such as Millennium, Amerika, Dragon Hunt, Twin Dragon Encounters, Freakshow, Class of 1984, Apology, Short Circuit 2, Still Life, Pater Noster, Blindside and The Fly. The BFGs were also featured in a 1980's W5 exposé on Punk music and lifestyle, painting a primarily negative view of it.

The band played for 25 years until at the anniversary party it dissolved temporarily, not doing a show for more than two years, until April 27, 2011, for the release of Jennifer Morton's book about the band, Dirty, Drunk and Punk, on Insomniac Press. They played two separate sets, the first with GregGoose on drums, Scrag on bass, Airock on guitar and Crazy Steve on vocals; and the second with Maddog on drums, Stompin Al Miller on guitar, Thor on bass and Crazy Steve on vocals.

The band did not play again until October 28, 2011, at Toronto's Hard Luck Bar, billing it as the 'Last Show Ever'. The line-up was Crazy Steve Goof on vocals, Maddog on drums, Scrag and King Kong Goof on bass and Airock and Stompin Al Miller on guitars.



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