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Origin: Victoria, British Columbia

Bum formed in Victoria, B.C. in 1990. The original line-up consisted of Kevin Lee on bass, Jamie Fulton on drums, Rob Nesbitt on guitar and vocals and Andrew Molloy on guitar and vocals. They released a number of singles through '91 and '92 and recorded their only full-length studio album, 'Wanna Smash Sensation', with new drummer Graham Watson in the Spring and Fall of '92. It was released on Seattle's Popllama Records in the Spring of '93. It also received a Spanish release (Munster Records) and a Japanese release (1 + 2 Records).

The band toured Canada and the U.S. west coast in the summer of '93 and entered the studio again in the Fall of that year. The resulting recordings yielded more singles and a mini-lp, ' I Am Superwoman ', ( Munster again in Spain and Au-Go-Go in Australia ) which coincided with their first Spanish tour in the Spring of '94. The Madrid show on that tour was recorded and the live album, ' Shaketown ', was released on the Impossible label. Rob Nesbitt left the band following that tour and Graham Watson followed suit a couple of months later. Molloy and Lee recruited Nick Thomas ( Smugglers, Tranzmitors ) and Terry Russell ( Slow, Tankhog ) and returned to Spain in the Spring of '95, having released another mini-lp, ' Make It or Break It ' on the Spanish Impossible label. They played their last show in December '95. The line-up of Lee, Molloy, Nesbitt and Watson, along with Thomas re-convened in '98 to record a couple of songs which were released as a single on the Magic Teeth label. The same label released a BUM tribute album in 2002 which included contributions from bands from Canada, the U.S., Australia, Japan and Spain. Molloy now fronts the band Budokan, who recently welcomed Watson as " interim " drummer for a Nanaimo gig and hopefully future recording. Nesbitt is in the Victoria hardcore band AK-47 and Lee is, at present, retired from playing live.

NAME: Rob Nesbitt
JOB: guitar and singing
PRE-BUM BANDS:Section 46
POST-BUM BANDS:The AstroZombies, AK47, Suite Sixteen
FAVE BANDS:Misfits, Wannadies

NAME: Andrew Molloy
JOB: guitar and singing
POST-BUM BANDS: Power Failures,Suite Sixteen
FAVE BANDS: Rolling Stones, Mott The Hoople

NAME: Kevin Lee
JOB: bass guitar and Background Singing
PRE-BUM BANDS: Infamous Scientists
POST-BUM BANDS: Roy Loney, Bum

NAME: Graham Watson
JOB: drums
POST-BUM BANDS: Timber Kings, Metronome Cowboys

NAME: Jamie Fulton
JOB: Drums (up to and including first single)
POST-BUM BANDS: Pez, The Stupes, The AstroZombies






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