Ronney abramson squared for mocm

Abramson, Ronney

Origin: Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France - Montreal, Quebec - Ottawa, Ontario

Ronney Abramson is a Canadian singer-songwriter. She was born in France.

Ronney Abramson was born in Paris, but in her early childhood moved to Canada and grew up in Montreal. She enrolled at McGill University and attended The Faculty of Arts as well as the Faculty of Music where she studied classical guitar. After leaving university, she began performing in coffee houses of Quebec and Ontario, before recording her first album in 1971 produced by Andre Perry, which was released in 1972 by Capitol Records.

For her second album Stowaway she signed a contract with True North Records. This album contained her first hit "Your Love Gets Me Around".

In 1978 she released her third album Jukebox of Paris featuring the song "Trouble" with guest star David Clayton-Thomas of Blood Sweat & Tears, and her hit "Light Up Your Love".

The Rugrats were a Canadian children's musical group created by Abramson with Ron Garant and Fred Mollin. The group's 1983 debut album, Rugrat Rock, was produced by Mollin;[4] it won the Best Children's Album category at the Juno Awards of 1984.

In 1985 the band recorded a second album, The Rugrats Rock On, which featured Fred Mollin.

Ronney is now living in Ottawa, Ontario. She is continuing to write new material as well as performing her well-known songs. She recently performed at Hugh's Room in Toronto as part of Tin Pan North 2019.



Ronney abramson squared for mocm

Abramson, Ronney


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