Thumb vinyl

Lawrence, Susan

Origin: Conception Bay, Newfoundland

One of the things I have done in my life which I thoroughly enjoyed and the time and brings fond memories when I think of them now is writing and recording music in an actual studio.
My music was even played on the radio!
NTV made a full length music video of one of my songs!
Years ago, when I was a young woman I recorded three full albums. The first one got attention that was very pleasing indeed. The second one not so much, but I still enjoy it, and the third was a children's tape.
In 2010 I joined up with a friend and recorded 4 new songs. I enjoyed it immensely but as for completing a full album again - I don't think it is in my future.
I still enjoy singing of course, but it is no longer something I feel the need to share with others. I sing for my own enjoyment.



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