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Origin: Calgary, Alberta

In mid 2004, guitarists DrZ and Hoss got together to form a band project under the name of One-eyed Snake. After recruiting bassist P.O.D. and drummer Kegger, the band began to focus on writing original material besides practicing a repertoire of covers. In early 2006, the band changed its name to Hellrazer, and recorded a three track demo CD. Hellrazer continued to work on new material, and completed their first self produced full length album entitled "Hellrazer". The album is available for download from iTunes. Since its release, Hellrazer gained widespread international exposure via the web, and have been featured on a number of radio and TV stations which are listed in our blog section.

In late 2008, original founding members Hoss and P.O.D. left the band due to outside pressures, and have since been replaced by lead guitarist Stan Nakanishi and bassist Dan Houser who are featured on Hellrazer's second CD entitled "Prisoner of the Mind". The CD contains ten blistering metal songs, some of which can be heard on this site. To reach the maximum potential of the new material, Calgary vocalist Julia Badescu was recruited to provide lead vocals on two of the new tunes. Hellrazer continue to gig in the Calgary area, and plan to expand into other regions within Canada and the US. So stay tuned for a Hellrazer show near you.


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