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Wright, Joey

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Origin: Ontario - Vancouver, British Columbia

“Hatch” is the latest release from Canada's Joey Wright. Like his previous two albums, “Hatch” features outstanding instrumentals and inspired arrangements. Unlike his other work, however, “Hatch” features eight new songs by Wright. Joey has been co-writing songs for years now with his partner Jenny Whiteley, but this is the first time we hear him handling the vocals on his own compositions. The songs on “Hatch” are lyrically dreamy and poetic, and melodically inventive and catchy.

For the recording of “Hatch”, Joey assembled a cast of first rate musicians from many walks of music. Covering the rhythm section, is Evan Cranley and Pat McGee of the pop band Stars. Handling the string bass and violin string section is Joe Phillips (Sarah Slean, London Symphony) and John Showman (the Creaking Tree String Quartet, The Foggy Hogtown Boys). The backup vocals are beautifully sung by Sarah Harmer, Jenny Whiteley and Stars' Amy Millan, while there are special appearances by Christine Bougie and Dan Whiteley. The record was made at Ottawa's “Little Bullhorn Studio”, and recorded to 2” tape by Dave Draves (Jim Bryson, Kathleen Edwards, Gentleman Reg).

Parallels are being drawn between “Hatch” and some of Beck's work, as well as Elliott Smith had he cut his teeth on bluegrass and sixties psychedelic rock.

Joey is known for his lyrical and inspired guitar and mandolin playing. He is versed in many styles such as bluegrass, blues, swing, pop and country. He is also known for his unique compositions. Joey is a sought after collaborator as much for his positive and inspirational attitude as for his musical vision and talent.

His first solo cd, “Camp”, has received rave reviews from such magazines as Penguin Eggs and Bluegrass North, and has earned him a new legion of fans. His original material appeals to fans of new acoustic music, bluegrass and pop in equal parts. His sophomore cd, "Jalopy" was released in December, 2006 to a slew of rave reviews and it earned Joey a Juno nomination for “Instrumental Album of the Year”.

Joey has appeared on many highly acclaimed Canadian recordings. Recently he has played on albums by Sarah Harmer (for which Joey received a gold record), Amy Millan, Oh Suzanna, Ruth Moody, Pierre Schryer, Jenny Whiteley, Dan Whiteley, and The Banjo Special to name a few.

"Joey Wright doesn't need a bio. You just hear about him. A rumour, a sound. Musical charisma enveloping a career of cinematic guitars, slides of blues and bluegrass. An inspired force of beauty and bravado, danger and charm." Sarah Harmer



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