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Tote Family

Origin: Sudbury - Toronto, Ontario, 🇨🇦

Canadian band originally from Sudbury, Ontario. Started as The Beasties, then The Queens Taxi, then The Taxi, before moving to Toronto in 1968 and becoming The Tote Family. With a few personnel changes, became Sea Dog in May 1971.

They recorded two singles, the first being 'Allright Mama b/w Leave Me Be' on the Apex label in 1969. This Band also did the Toronto Yorkville Scene and was also influenced by the much newer and more progressive R&B'ish style of music trend going on at that time as well as the emerging folk pop scene. The second single, released on the Yorkville label, compromised between these 2 styles of music. Described as a dynamite R&B'ish b-side filled with zigzaging progressive bluesy chord rhythms and vocals added with a nice touch of intermittent electric fuzz guitar riffs. An out of the ordinary A-Side offering an interesting sunshine folk pop flavored tune that brings you back to dixieland! The B-side recording captures a great spirit and heart of this group. Their first single charted on the RPM Canadian Content Chart for quite a substantial period from August 23, 1969 through October, 1970 and charted as high as number 6.

Tote Family were the first group produced by CHUM. 3 of their four songs were written by Fred Cacciotti.

It's not clear who were in the band, but here's the lineup for other incarnations:

Wee Beasties:
Don Reeves: lead vocals, keyboards
Martin J. Kusluski: guitar, backing vocals
Alan Higgs: bass, backing vocals

Sea Dog:
Paul Weston: guitar, vocals
John Redmond: organ, piano, vocals
Brian Kirkwood: bass, vocals
Jim Norris: drums, vocals
Doug Varty: piano, organ, vocals



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The Tote Family

Tote family 001001

Tote Family


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