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Websites:  https://santers.com/guitar-alley/
Origin: Toronto, Ontario

My career as a singer and musician, songwriter/composer and producer/engineer has spanned over forty years. My love of music began as a child when I began studying classical piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. I later continued my studies of music theory and composition with University of Toronto professor Alexander Rapaport and Julia Galieva.

I’ve written and recorded a number of internationally released albums and compilations on vinyl and CD, which are now being made available via download and streaming. I’ve performed live in concert with Santers and Triumph and co-billed venues with Ozzy Ozbourne, Johnny Winter, Blue Oyster Cult, Rick Derringer, Kim Mitchell and Golden Earring.

As a producer and studio musician I’ve had the privilege of working with a variety of talented, independent musicians, and I’m always honoured to be able to share my knowledge and experience with young, aspiring artists.

Presently, I’m working on finalizing and releasing new solo recording projects along with remastering and remixing some of my earlier recordings that I feel deserve a reboot.


Santers is a Hard Rock, AOR, Melodic Metal band formed in Toronto, Canada in the 1980's. Fronted by Guitarist/Vocalist Rick Santers, the band had a similar sound to Night Ranger or Coney Hatch. They produced their first album in 1981, and recorded several more releases. In the spirit of rock ‘n roll SANTERS delivers. Sleek, fast and loud. Hard hitting - hard rock. Before Nickelback were considered mainstream rock, SANTERS paved the way forging together their melodic and progressive creations. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario this Canadian trio packs a heavy musical punch. Underrated, and under the radar, SANTERS’ music has been described by Martin Popoff as “an emotional jewel which pulsed and pumped insidiously to the depths of my brain in successful carving of a permanent home”.SANTERS are currently performing concerts in support of the release their Definitive Remasters Collection internationally. With resellers demanding as much as $299 on amazon.com for their discontinued SANTERS IV Box Set, fans are anticipating the band’s remastered collection with great excitement. These special edition CD’s are scheduled for release in late 2012 and early 2013, and will be available for the first time on iTunes and other download providers. From the basements of suburban Toronto to international stages SANTERS began with classically trained brothers Rick Santers (lead vocals, guitars, keys) and Mark Santers (drums and vocals). They soon joined forces with jazz influenced bassist Rick Lazaroff in 1979 and set their sights high. Their talents were first recognized when they won a contest sponsored by Toronto rock radio station Q107. Soon afterward, in 1981, their debut album Shot Down In Flames burst onto the international scene garnering numerous international releases. Although Rick Santers was invited by Kiss to audition as a replacement for guitarist Ace Frehley, he chose to persevere with his fledgling band to develop the SANTERS sound. SANTERS kept increasing its momentum through a steady stream of hard rock gems including Mayday (EP 1982), Racing Time (1982), Guitar Alley (1984), Top Secrecy (1986).SANTERS albums continue to be released in countries around the world. “Can’t Shake You” the video and single, received rotation on over 200 Rock Radio and TV stations across North America. SANTERS remake of Free's classic "All Right Now" found its way into the Top 40 and reached lucky #13 in Toronto. The demand for SANTERS on CD was first realized in Germany on 1st Shot and 2nd Shot in 1995 on Long Island Records. In 1998 SANTERS experienced another incredible resurgence with the release of SANTERS lV - The Box Set on Avex Records in Japan. This rare collection of original masters featured the band’s three full length studio albums plus unreleased bonus tracks. Also included was the band’s archived and never before heard fourth album Top Secrecy. In 1999, Top Secrecy was also released in Germany on Point Music/AOR Heaven. Dandelion Records, the band’s own record label, has sold out of its limited release of Cold Fusion - Best of. The SANTERS concert calendar brings them regularly through Canada, the U.S.A. and Europe. The band is renowned for its exciting, high energy live shows and extensive touring has led the way to headline performances. SANTERS has joined forces and performed concerts along with Ozzy Osbourne, Blue Oyster Cult, Rick Derringer, Triumph, Johnny Winter, Golden Earing, Ratt, Accept and Kim Mitchell. Coming off the heels of their recent European tour SANTERS are currently performing concerts in support of The Definitive Remasters Collection.

SANTERS, one of the very best bands that came out of Toronto in the early ’80s, finally are getting official remastered reissues of their albums. Few weeks ago appeared the remaster of their second LP (featured at 0dayrox as well as debut).Now it’s time for Santers’s third effort “Guitar Alley”, produced by Triumph’s talented guitarist Rik Emmett, and as its title promises, it’s a guitar driven rockin’ album with a polished 1984’s sound. Santers, comprised of brothers Rick and Mark Santers (guitar/vocals and drums/vocals respectively) and bassist Rick Lazaroff was founded in 1980. While Rick had by this time already gained a reputation as one of Toronto’s hottest young guitarists, Mark was enjoying similar notoriety as a drummer. They recruited bassist Rick Lazaroff after placing an ad in a local newspaper. The three quickly became one of the hottest commodities on the scene, touring extensively for the next year and a half throughout Ontario, Quebec and the East-Central US. They found time to record demos of some songs Rick had written and entered “Time After Time” in a local radio station contest, and was featured on their compilation album later that year. They were signed to Ready Records in 1981, releasing their debut LP that summer. Their stripped-down ‘melody-metal’ sound found success as well in small pockets across Europe, including France, Spain and The Netherlands. The band began a rugged schedule touring the majority of Canada and the US for the next year, hooking up with some of rock’s biggest road shows, including Ozzy Osbourne and Scorpions. Following a short break the band found themselves back at Toronto’s Phase One Studios working on the next album. As advance, an EP was released including some live tracks taped to showcase Santers’ hot sound on stage. With a more melodic hard rock approach in the American / Canadian 1982-1983 stylings, 2nd full length “Racing Time“ increased Santers fan base at both sides of the Ocean. Rock-guitar whiz Rick Santers shines brightly on this latest release by his self-named power trio. The trio comes up with a riff-riddled collection of high-energy tunes that are just as impressive as those on the previous LP. Musically ‘Guitar Alley’ at times comes across as a slicked up steroid shot of Foreigner in the sonic department, and mid-Eighties Triumph. Rick does triple duty here in the singing, keyboards and guitar heroics on this album. His playing is fluid when you need a smooth bunch of 80s Hard Rock riffs with an ear towards an AOR single on “Can’t Shake You”.Also to mention is the really good cover of Free’s classic ‘All Right Move’ where brother Mark plays some great drums fills while Lazaroff holds down the bottom end with the bass.‘Guitar Alley’ was the last album from Santers in the ’80s, a shame because this band shoulda been huge. Rick shows himself to be an exciting and inventive player throughout, with precise rhythm guitars and swirling melodic solos to boot. Emmett does his part putting the guitar at the forefront of the mix, and providing a polished production. In fact Triumph’s albums Thunder Seven or The Sports Of Kings are a good comparison to have an idea of how Santers sound on ‘Guitar Alley’. Add an Americanized touch ala Foreigner and you got it.



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