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Small, Henry - A Conversation with Henry Small Jan 24, 2024

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Label: Ryder Records
Year: 2024
Origin: New York, 🇺🇸 - Calgary, Alberta - Winnipeg, Manitoba - Toronto, Ontario - Kamloops, British Columbia, 🇨🇦
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Intro to Gainsborough Gallery - House On Soul Hill
Intro to Scrubbaloe Caine - Travelin - Feelin' Good On Sunday
Intro to Small Wonder - It Was Meant to Be - Why Walk When You Can Dance
Intro to Burton Cummings - Draggin' Em Down the Line
Intro to Prism - Don't Let Him Know
Intro to Prism - Turn On Your Radar
Intro to Prism - Nightmare
Intro to Prism - Beat Street
Intro to John Entwistle - Heartache
Intro to Eddie Money - Stranger in a Strange Land
Intro to Henry Small - Will I Still be in Your Heart
Intro to Henry Small - Long Way to Paradise
Intro to Henry Small - Kiss It
AOR - Seven Storms (L.A Darkness, 2016)


Img 0515

A Conversation with Henry Small Jan 24, 2024


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Off-the-cuff interview between Robert Williston and Henry Small on January 24, 2024 at 11AM.

As a side note, Henry recorded the single with The Hurt which I have somewhere but couldn't locate it in time for the mix:

Gainsborough Gallery:

Scrubbaloe Caine - Round One:

Small Wonder:

Prism - Small Change:

Prism - Beat Street:

Henry Small:

Henry Small was born about an hour out of New York City on February 29, 1948.

At an early age, young Henry picked up the violin and instantly became a child prodigy in his home town of Beacon, New York. In high school, being a violin player and suffering from a height deficiency, he was the victim of cruel bullying, until he discovered his violin case made an excellent weapon. From that day forward, Henry Small had the respect of his classmates.

A child of the 60s, he soon discovered drugs, alcohol, sex and music. His ability to sing was a surprise to him…he would sing with his back to the crowd until he discovered the effect his voice had on women – or was it his ass…. (that’s really a matter of opinion…)

He went to college up state about 10 miles from the Canadian border. He started a band during his freshman year.

Soon he was the lead singer, writer and arranger for SCRUBBALOE CAINE formed with Paul Dean (Loverboy) and produced by David Kerschenbaum from RCA Records.

SMALL WONDER came next, which brought him a three year writing deal with Irving Almo Music and an appearance on Burt Sugarman‘s “Midnight Special”.

What followed was more writing, singing and unique violin playing, this time with BURTON CUMMINGS. His fond memories of Burton still bring tears to his eyes, if you spent 28 hours on a bus with Burt….well, never mind. He toured with Burt throughout North America. Later he appeared on several national television shows, which included MIDNIGHT SPECIAL and SOLID GOLD while with PRISM.

With PRISM, he released two albums – SMALL CHANGE and BEAT STREET. Both of these albums had Top 40 hits in Canada and the United States. His writing abilities brought him together with TOMMY WHITLOCK (Take My Breath Away) to write “Stranger in a Strange Land” on the EDDIE MONEY album CAN’T HOLD BACK which had over two million sales and wrote, arranged and produced an album with JOHN ENTWISTLE of THE WHO called THE ROCK.

Henry’s first ‘solo’ project is appropriately titled TIME. Time to live, time to love, time to get glasses, time to go to the bathroom, time to have a rest….

He lives in Kamloops, BC, Canada, co-hosting a morning radio show. If you know Henry at all, you will see the humour in him doing a MORNING show on 98.3 CIFM!

Henry Small’s performances have been reviewed as nothing less than stunning. His voice and his electric violin must be seen and heard to be believed. He is truly one of a kind and a legend in Canadian rock.

He has created and coordinated numerous events and celebrations, bringing talent and style to what he fondly refers to as “this backwater shit hole.” He produced and performed in the dinner theatre production “Two River Junction” for Rocky Mountaineer Railtours, which has been enjoyed by over 100,000 international guests.

He spends most of his time, however, creating, writing, recording and nagging his engineer and any other poor soul who turns their back on him. He has produced and helped arrange numerous albums in his studio which are getting international recognition. As Henry likes to say, “I’ve got minutes to live” and he is making every minute count.

• Gene Black (Rod Stewart, Heart, Joe Cocker) • Tim Bogart (Vanilla Fudge) • Bill Chaplin (Chicago) • Burton Cummings (Guess Who) • Paul Dean (Loverboy) • Aynsley Dunbar (Frank Zappa, Whitesnake) • Bobby Kimball (Toto) • Reggie Mcbride (Stevie Wonder) • Georgio Moroder (David Bowie, Donna Summer) • Timothy B. Schmidt (Eagles) • Davitt Sigerson (Olivia Newton-John, The Bangles,Tori Amos) • Zak Starkey (John Entwistle) • Alvin Taylor (Elton John, George Harrison) • Paul Warren (Tina Turner, Richard Marx) • Ritchie Zito (Eddie Money, Cheap Trick, Heart, Bad English)

Henry’s career has spanned more than 40 years in the music industry and has enjoyed many successes including writing, recording and touring with the likes of John Entwistle of The Who, Burton Cummings of The Guess Who and, of course, his legendary tenure with Prism and his #1 hit single “Don’t Let Him Know” written by Bryan Adams from the album SMALL CHANGE that also earned him a gold record.

Adding to that, Henry has done soundtracks for movies, has made several national television concert appearances and continues to write, record and produce his own solo projects. Most recently he’s recorded two new tracks titled “How Gently You Roll” and “Big Woman Blues”.


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