Our History


Established in 2005 by Robert Williston, the Museum of Canadian Music is an unparalleled digital archive dedicated to safeguarding, showcasing, and honoring the rich tapestry of Canadian music and culture. Boasting an extensive collection of over 700,000 Canadian sound recordings spanning genres such as garage, psych, indigenous, punk, funk, blues, metal, folk, hip-hop, jazz, and rock, it holds the distinction of being the most expansive and easily accessible repository of over a century of Canadian musical heritage.


Established before the majority of other music platforms, this online streaming service stands as Canada's sole private National Music Museum dedicated to the preservation and archiving of sound recordings. Functioning as a crucial cultural repository, it has meticulously digitized tens of thousands of vinyl records, cassettes, and CDs, offering a broad and meticulously curated listening experience. Encompassing 78rpm, 45rpm, and LP vinyl, the collection highlights the contributions of more than 2,200 featured artists across diverse record labels.


In addition to being a listening post for Canadian music, the Museum serves as an encyclopedia, providing extensive background information and photo libraries on artists. It also serves as a complimentary platform for artists and record labels, allowing them to freely promote and sell their music.



Please support Canadian music and buy music from the artists or their distributors. I attempt to put links to the artists' site on each album page.

We do not sell any digital media or allow downloads. Sound files are made available to be heard through the Fair Dealing provision in the Canadian Copyright Act. Examples of usages include reviews, news reporting, research, and education.

Enjoy your visit and thank-you for supporting music from Canada.

-Robert Williston