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Crew Cuts

Origin: Toronto, Ontario

The Crew-Cuts. Rock and roll vocal quartet. The tenors Pat Barrett and Johnnie Perkins, the baritone and arranger Rudy Maugeri, and the bass Ray Perkins, all students of Mgr John Ronan at St Michael's Cathedral Choir School in Toronto, sang together as the Four Tones first in 1952, performing in Toronto church variety shows and on radio station CKFH. Discovered in 1954 by Mercury Records while appearing as The Canadaires in Cleveland, the group became the Crew-Cuts, adopting the then-popular hair style of that name.

One of the first white groups to record rock and roll versions of black rhythm-and-blues hits, they had some success with such singles as 'Crazy 'Bout You Baby' (1954), 'Don't Be Angry' (1955), and 'Earth Angel' (1955). Their biggest hit, a version of the Chords' 'Sh-Boom,' was listed by Cashbox as the fifth most popular single of 1954. Before disbanding in 1964 the Crew-Cuts also made nine LPs for Mercury and Victor. Some of their hits were included in the anthology Solid Gold Rock 'n' Roll (2-Mer 61371/2).

Together with their contemporaries, the Diamonds and the Four Lads, the Crew-Cuts received the Juno Lifetime Achievement Award in 1984.


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The crew cuts 1956 ray perkins  rudi maugeri  pat barrett and john perkins a

The Crew-Cuts 1956 Ray Perkins, Rudi Maugeri, Pat Barrett and John Perkins a

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Crew Cuts 11

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Crew Cuts 3

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Crew Cuts 16

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Crew-Cuts with car

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Crew Cuts 18

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Crew Cuts 10a

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Crew Cuts 1

Crew cuts 18

Crew-Cuts 18

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Crew Cuts (with Ed Kay)

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Crew Cuts 12b

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Crew Cuts (1955) 17a

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Crew Cuts 5a

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Crew Cuts 6

Crew cuts %28rudi maugeri  john perkins  ray perkins  pat barrett%29 2d

Crew Cuts (Rudi Maugeri, John Perkins, Ray Perkins, Pat Barrett) 2d

Crew cuts 19

Crew Cuts


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