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Creepshow - Death at My Door

Format: LP
Label: Stomp Records 1114-1
Year: 2017
Origin: Burlington, Ontario - Montreal, Québec, 🇨🇦
Genre: Psychobilly, punk, rock
Value of Original Title: $50.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://thecreepshow.bandcamp.com/album/death-at-my-door
Playlist: Haunted Halloween Canadian Style, Rock Room, Quebec, 2010's


Side 1

Track Name
Death at My Door
Sticks & Stones
'Til Death Do Us Part
Blood Blood Blood

Side 2

Track Name
Tomorrow May Never Come
Another Way Out
New Kings
One Foot in the Grave
My Soul To Keep


A1749081878 10

Death at My Door


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Review by Shannon Shumaker

For the past twelve years, The Creepshow have been dominating the punk/psychobilly scene with their own high energy, unapologetic brand of good old fashioned rock n’ roll, and their new album, Death At My Door is no exception. With unrelenting energy and just the right amount of diversity to keep things interesting, Death At My Door makes for a timeless, yet very timely release. This is something the punk rock world needs right now.

The band wastes no time in getting right down to it on the opening track, complete with frantic, high energy drumming and gritty vocals. “Death At My Door” is a call to arms, and it’s impossible not to join in. Then, where “Death At My Door” is more furious and energetic, the second song, “Sticks & Stones” slows things down a bit, giving you a chance to really dissect everything that goes into a great Creepshow song. Sharp, biting guitar work blends easily with theatrical keys and organs, with punchy drums, deep bass and soulful vocals rounding things out. It’s hard to pinpoint just one instrument that spearheads this song, because the band simply works as one well-oiled machine.

Third track, “A.O.T.B.H.” comes in and slows things down for a more empowering song about moving on from a doomed relationship. Vocalist Kenda Legaspi comes out on top as she sings, “Don’t need a man like you,” giving female fans the courage to put up a big middle finger to those who have wronged them.

As the album continues to chug forward, The Creepshow just keep hammering out track after fearless track. And the best part is, there are no two songs that sound identical, but the album never once feels choppy. The dark, western influenced “Blood Blood Blood” sits easily next to the powerful, “Tomorrow May Never Come.” Similar to “Sticks & Stones,” “Tomorrow May Never Come” gives each instrument and member a moment to shine, only with a much more frantic, high energy tone. Gang vocals provide listeners with a war cry and the guitar work and keys work perfectly together to create a really retro vibe, all while drums and bass keep things moving along nicely.

Death At My Door never slows down or lose an ounce of energy, even as it begins to come to an end. Emotional track, “Another Way Out” explores feelings of hopelessness, uncertainty and anxiety while “New Kings” takes on a heavily jazz-influenced sound, complete with a horn section. By the time the final track comes to a close, you’re bound to feel exhausted, and it’s apparent that that’s exactly what The Creepshow wants. This album is the definition of psychobilly and punk rock. Fearless and fueled by a fire that burns deep within the band, this album is gritty and aggressive, yet still incredibly catchy at the same time, making for an incredible listen.
-Shannon Shumaker, September 12, 2017

Kenda: vocals, guitar
Sean Sickboy McNab: bass, vocals
The Reverend McGinty: keyboards, vocals
Alejandro 'Pituko': drums
Chuck Coles: guitar

Limited edition of 200

Contains full-coloured inlay with lyrics, pictures & credits


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