Cd northwest company   live front


Northwest Company - Live

Format: 2CD
Label: Patterson Ave. Records
Year: 2023
Origin: Haney, British Columbia, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, psych
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: 1970's, Rock Room, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
The African Jam
I've Got Those Honky Tonk Blues
Don't Hear Me Complain
I Don't Mind But I Think It's Love Again
Let It All
Dust My Broom
Deep in My Heart
Happy Summer Song
The Island Song (Living On an Island)
Dirty Boogie

Side 2

Track Name
It's All over Now
I'm Your Guy
Marijuana Song
Rock 'n' Roll Lover Man
Rollin' All Over
Grey Skies
Policeman's Coming


Cd northwest company   live inlay front

CD-Northwest Company - Live INLAY FRONT

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richard stepp 098543543345

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Ray O’Toole

Cd northwest company   inside 01

CD-Northwest Company - INSIDE 01

Cd northwest company   inside 02

CD-Northwest Company - INSIDE 02

Cd northwest company   inside 03

CD-Northwest Company - INSIDE 03

Cd northwest company   live 2cd

CD-Northwest Company - Live 2CD

Cd northwest company   live back

CD-Northwest Company - Live BACK

Cd northwest company   live inlay back

CD-Northwest Company - Live INLAY BACK

Cd northwest company   live front



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Recorded live Fall, 1970

I’m my opinion there is one person that I think has been sadly overlooked in the music scene over the years, as far as recognition goes.
That person is Ray O’Toole.
Ray was one of the founding members of The Northwest Company band. He was also a huge part of the success of Blue Northern, another successful band.
Ray is a fantastic songwriter/vocalist and a phenomenal guitarist.
I know one thing for sure the Nothwest Company would not have had the success it did in the early days without Ray’s super guitar playing, songwriting and vocals.
A couple of years ago I released a double cd of a live concert The Northwest Company recorded at a high school dance.
Ray’s talent really shines
He was so wicked on the guitar jams ( some 15-20 minutes long)
Always coming up with fresh ideas and never running out of guitar licks.
I think he was at a peak in heavy duty guitar playing in those days.
I’m not sure, but I think he was playing a Gibson SG. I know he was using a 100 watt Garnet BTO amplifier with 2 12” or 15” speakers
Garnet had given the band all new equipment. What a truly great guitar sound!!!!
We were a powerful trio in those days
The pinnacle of the heavy rock days.
Ray O’Toole has played in many bands around Vancouver since the 60’s and is still entertaining.
One of my favourite leads he played on a 45 record, is the lead on my first release on the Mushroom Record label
Chasing a Dream
I think his guitar work on that record shows the scope of his talent
Beautiful finesse and melody


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