Melinda abbass   a new singing sensation front


Abbass, Melinda - A New Singing Sensation

Format: LP
Label: Maritime MR 10003
Year: 1966
Origin: Sydney, Nova Scotia, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, pop
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Nova Scotia, Pop, 1960's, Canadian Women in Song


Side 1

Track Name
A Little Bit of Soap
Just Before You Go
The Wedding
These Four Walls
Whatcha Gonna Do
It's a Lesson Too Late

Side 2

Track Name
Double Shot
Hey Baby, Do What You Feel Is Right
Don't Cry, Look for the Rainbow
Gates of Heaven
Now That I Found Him
Tear a Leaf


Melinda abbass   a new singing sensation back

Melinda Abbass - A New Singing Sensation BACK

Melinda abbass   a new singing sensation front

A New Singing Sensation



Melinda Abbass was born in Sydney, N.S., 15 years ago, of Lebanese and Italian parents. At a very early age she appeared in a local talent contest and was awarded the grand prize at the conclusion of the series. Since then she has appeared regularly at local concerts, on radio and television.

Melinda made several appearances last year on the Nationally televised Halifax production "Frank's Bandwagon". She also had the honour last year of being a member of the cast of the Nationally televised production "New Faces of '66".

In 1965 while visiting in Italy with her parents, Melinda sang at several night clubs and was exceptionally well received by the people present, due mainly to the fact that she is fluently bilingual in English and Italian.

Melinda is presently attending High School in Sydney and does guest spots with many of the local bands as well as making regular appearances on a local Television show.

Melinda has a fine singing style and a truly professional presentation and all who hear her predict a bright future for this up and coming performer.

"A Little Bit of Soap" is a cover of the Jarmels' song. "It's a Lesson Too Late" is a cover of the Tom Paxton song, The Last Thing on My Mind. "Double Shot" is a cover of the Swinging Medallions, "Double Shot of My Baby's Life."
-liner notes

Melinda Abbass passed away of cancer at the young age of 62. She continued to sing locally throughout her life, she was offered a contract in Europe at one point but turned it down and decided to raise a family instead. Music remained a passion throughout her life and she had a lot of friends in the music industry who she remained close with including Anne Murray who can be heard singing back up on Melinda’s only album.

Melinda Abbass: lead vocals
Garth Proude: electric bass
Jack Lilly: drums
Keith Jollyimore: saxophone
Anne Murray: backing vocals (uncredited)



Thank you for this lovely tribute of my dear mother, Melinda Abbass known as Sydney’s sweetheart who had “ the voice of an angel that brought many to tears.” Music continued to be her passion through her life and she had many friends she remained close with in the industry including Anne Murray who can be heard singing back up on this album! She did an interview with her friend Frank Cameron on CBC in 1995… what happened to Melinda Abbass have a look and thanks again for including her on this wonderful site!