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Harlots Webb - Wild Times

Format: CD
Label: ERA Records 828-2
Year: 1990
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: rock hard, glam
Value of Original Title: $120.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://ddrmusicgroup.com/collections/new-cds/products/harlots-webb-wild-times
Playlist: Rock Room, 1990's, British Columbia


Track Name
Wild Times
Wanted for Love
Dream About Me
Just Another Night
Cool to Me
All Night Long
Push Comes to Shove
Stars & Stripes


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Harlots' Webb - Wild Times

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Harlots' Webb - Wild Times

R 9223956 1628217593 8100

Wild Times


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Dig into a lost hidden treasure that unveils one Classic Hair Metal anthem after another.

This disc will plant you right back into the late eighties and early nineties and have you thinking once again, how did this end? With bands like this on the horizon, the future was bright and the next wave of stars were on their way.

Taking a page out of such great playbooks as Britny Fox, Danger Danger and Dokken, HARLOTS WEBB delivers a sonic masterpiece that hits a home run on every level. Pristine vocals, shredding guitars, a slamming rhythm section and knock out songs paint the canvas for one hell of a release that should have been blistering in full rotation on Headbangers Ball.

Ken Stone: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Dan Fortier: guitar
Mike Bailey: bass guitar
Cary Kelly: drums

Produced by Ken Pencer
Engineered by Keith Lowe
Mixed by Dale Penner, Darren Grahn and Keith Lowe
Recorded and mixed at Vancouver Studios


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