Eq they cant cope front


EQ - They Can't Cope

Format: cassette
Label: Infinite Beat Record Corp. IBRC C12002
Year: 1990
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: hip-hop
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/e-q-they-can-t-cope-ep-705932
Playlist: 1990's, Hip-Hop Rap Room, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
They Can't Cope (Mellow Mix)
Child Runnin' Wild
Let Loose in the Mix

Side 2

Track Name
They Can't Cope (Video Mix)
Lyrical Assault (We're Not Alone)


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EQ - They Can't Cope

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EQ - They Can't Cope

Eq they cant cope front

They Can't Cope


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In 1990, Vancouver’s E.Q. dropped their one and only 12”, "Put Your Body In It”, on Infinite Beat Records. The A-side is a fairly formulaic hip-house affair but the B-side cut, “They Can’t Cope’, is a much better reflection of what this crew were all about. In contrast, the 1990 cassette release of "They Can't Cope" is currently, somewhat optimistically we might add, available on Discogs for a cool $350! This E.P. comprises three of the tracks from that cassette release, together with previously unreleased instrumentals, as well as two additional never before heard vocal tracks that didn't fit (both literally and artistically) on our Swellsville Sessions E.P. Of particular note, "Too Much For The Mental" is as good as anything from the early 90's and leaves you wondering how this crew never blew up. This is not only a great record but also Vancouver and Canadian hip-hop history!


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