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Action (2) - Slashing, White Hot

Format: LP
Label: Rave Up Records RUR 058 (Italy)
Year: 2009
Origin: Ottawa, Ontario
Genre: rock, punk
Value of Original Title: $35.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://www.raveuprecords.com/rur/the-action
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Punk Room


Side 1

Track Name
TV's On The Blink
Downtown Boy
Waitin' For The Man
Do the Strangle
Success Without College (Live)
Seafood Mama
Pressed Pig
Zona Rosa

Side 2

Track Name
Let You Down
Arena (Live)
Darts (Live)
Mr. T (Live)
Zona Rosa (Live)
Seafood Mama (Live)
Mr. Holmes
No Applause - Aryan Love (Live)


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Action (2) - Slashing White Hot

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Action (2) - Slashing White Hot

R 2160401 1397591623 6433

Slashing, White Hot


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The Action, one of Canada’s first punk bands, formed in Ottawa in 1977.

Their style combined early American and English punk like The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, and The Vibrators with rock influences such as The Rolling Stones’ guitar attack and The Allman Brothers’ dual-guitar and slide-guitar leads, which, combined with provocative lyrics and an untouchable stage show, made The Action a musician’s band. The Action was chosen to open for The Ramones in 1978 and helped spearhead punk across Canada when they supported The Stranglers on that band’s first North American tour the same year. This collection covers The Action’s short but wild career from 1977-’78: their debut 12-inch (which includes the cult classic “TV’s on the Blink”) and a recording for a never-released follow-up EP, plus smokin’ live tracks recorded at the infamous Rotters Club in Ottawa, Canada.

Ted Axe: vocals
John Fenton: guitar
Paul Fenton: guitar
Michael Fenton: bass
Shot Spot MacDonald: drums

Recorded at Rotter's Club, Ottawa, Ontario


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