Cd bigfoot rocketship st front


Bigfoot Rocketship - ST

Format: CD
Label: private
Year: 2008
Origin: Calgary, Alberta
Genre: instrumental, rock, surf
Value of Original Title: $40.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Rock Room, Alberta, 2000's


Track Name
Bonus Nachos
Super Stock
Swim Up Bar
Half Pipe
Rusty Nails


Cd bigfoot rocketship st back

CD-Bigfoot Rocketship-ST BACK

Cd bigfoot rocketship st cd

CD-Bigfoot Rocketship-ST CD

Cd bigfoot rocketship st front



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Bashing out reverb-drenched surf licks with shameless abandon the debut EP from The Bigfoot Rocketship secures the band a place in Calgary’s canon of retro-inspired instrumentalists. From the slinky riff of “Rusty Nails” to the jaunty Ventures-inspired “Super Stock” to the maxi-Mexi stomp of “Bonus Nachos” these guys know the genre and how to capitalize on their influences. This tightly wound six-pack owes more to surf’s late-’90s revival than it does to the initial wave from the ’60s but whether the Rocketship is aping Shadowy Men From a Shadowy Planet or The Pyramids doesn’t change the fact that it has something pretty sweet in the pipeline.

T. Maduke: guitar
H. Sawatzky: guitar
D. Robertson: guitar
G. Sobie: bass
Mike T.: drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Huge Ear Studios, Calgary, Alberta, summer, 2008


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