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Meatwagon - Left With Nothing

Label: Bujdoso Productions TECW 25443
Year: 1996
Origin: Victoria, British Columbia
Genre: rock, thrash
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://meatwagon.bandcamp.com/releases
Playlist: 1990's, Vancouver Island Collection, Metal, British Columbia


Track Name
You Speak With Lies
Casket For Two
You Live To Take
Left With Nothing
Out of Your Mind
Travesty of Justice
Institute of Revenge
Nerve Ending
Laid to Rest


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Meatwagon - Left With Nothing

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mw1996 booklet6

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mw1996 disc

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mw1996 front inside

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Meatwagon - Left With Nothing

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Meatwagon - Left With Nothing

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Left With Nothing


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Lou Bujdoso: bass, vocals
Dave “The Glove”Davis: guitar
David "X" Machander: drums

All songs arranged by MEATWAGON
Produced and Engineered by MEATWAGON
Recorded and mixed February/March/April 1996 at LouStudio, Victoria, B.C. Canada
Mastered, assembled and edited by Mark Franklin at Media Magic Enterprises Inc.
All lyrics by Bujdoso, except “Travesty of Justice" by Bujdoso and Machander
“Nerve Ending” by Bujdoso, Davis and Machander
Released May 1, 1996
Bujdoso Productions Inc.


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