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Niquay, Laura - Waratanak

Format: dd
Label: private
Year: 2015
Origin: Wemotaci, Mauricie, Québec - Trois Rivières, Québec
Genre: rock, folk
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  https://lauraniquay.bandcamp.com/album/waratanak
Playlist: Rock Room, Quebec, 2010's, Indigenous Canada


Track Name
Nimis, nik wemes
Ki otenamino
N ki witamowati
Tan te
Ninan ki osimak
Miam Uapukun


A0237650237 10



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Laura Niquay is an Atikamekw artist from Wemotaci. Her singular hoarse voice strongly evokes her deep roots to the territory. Through her pop-rock and use of guitar reminiscent of folk, she shares her positive messages of perseverance, prevention and self-sacrifice and wants to reach the youth and speak of difficult issues such as suicide, drugs and the living conditions on the reserve. But beyond her words in Atikamekw and French, she offers modern and optimistic music for her people and for humanity. She is a committed woman who uses music to demonstrate the positive values of her community and the hope that must never die. She is a role model for young people and women in her community. A resolutely modern nomad.

Parole et musique : Laura Niquay
Waratanak, paroles: Kathia Rock, musique Laura Niquay

Laura Niquay: Voix, guitare acoustique
Laurent Aglat: réalisation, arrangements, basses, violon, banjo, guitares, piano, percussion, voix
Alain Quirion: Batterie
LG Breton: guitares, piano électrique, orgue, prise de son
Marie-France Diamond: Glockenspiel (9)
Simon Bertrand: Clarinette (5,10)

Prise de son de batterie: Stéphane Grimm
Photos: Laurent Aglat, Hélène Chachai
Enregistré à NoName Studio et NippleStudio
Montréal, 2014-2015


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