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Phase IV - Say Goodbye b/w Hot

Format: 45
Label: Crown Records CROWN 101
Year: 1986
Origin: Toronto, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: funk, soul, boogie
Value of Original Title: $50.00
Make Inquiry/purchase: email ryder@robertwilliston.com
Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Canadian as Funk, Ontario, Beautiful Black Canadians, 1980's


Side 1

Track Name
Say Goodbye

Side 2

Track Name


45 phase iv   say goodbye vinyl 02

45-Phase IV - Say Goodbye VINYL 02

45 phase iv   say goodbye vinyl 01

45-Phase IV - Say Goodbye VINYL 01

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Phase IV - Say Goodbye // Hot

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Say Goodbye b/w Hot


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Sterling Jarvis: lead vocals
Larry Bethune: guitar, vocals
Maxwell Langford: keyboards, vocals
Lionel D. Jarvis: bass, vocals
Randy Cooke: drums, vocals
Owen Langford: percussion, vocals

Music and lyrics written by Sterling Jarvis
Arranged by Phase IV
Produced by Howard Ayee and Joe Primeau
Engineered by Joe Primeau, assisted by Bill Kennedy and Garth Richardson
Recorded and mixed at Phase One Studios, Scarborough, Ontario
Executive producers: Michael O'Connell and Evan Adelman
Mastered by George Graves at The Lacquer Channel

Cover photography by Jim Dawson, Fotowork
Phase IV logo design by Paul Martin
Label illustration by Glen Guerin, Noxious Art
Art Direction by Barbara Kroetsch


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